MUFE AquaMatic Swatches And First Impressions: Plus New Summer 2015 Shades

Sunday, May 10, 2015

MUFE's Summer 2015 collection includes new additions to its AquaMatic line of waterproof eyeshadow crayons, in a total of 5 shades in addition to the current 10, as well as 2 additions to its Aqua Rouge line, which already has 16 shades. The new shades will launch this month, and they're pretty exciting! And MUFE's summer shades are also gorgeous. Look at all of those bright rainbow colours, perfect for hot weather and summer!

MUFE's AquaMatic isn't a new product, and as you may know, it's essentially an eyeshadow crayon, but waterproof. There are 5 finishes of AquaMatic shades - Diamond (where the colour names start with D), Matte (names start with M), Iridescent (start with I), Satin (start with S), and Metallic (names start with ME). Diamond finishes tend to be sparkly and have visible glitter, Metallic finishes have a very obvious shimmery metallic finish, that look almost foiled, while Iridescent and Satin have more of a sheen rather than a shimmer. Between the S-shades and I-shades, I feel like the Satin shades have more shimmer than the Iridescent shades.

MUFE AquaMatic Swatches Aqua Rouge Summer 2015 Shades

The AquaMatic crayons come with a retractable crayon tip (shown here is colour I-30):

MUFE AquaMatic Pen Tip Summer 2015

The AquaMatic crayons also come with a sharpener embedded into the end of the product, in case you want to sharpen the tip.

MUFE AquaMatic Sharpener Summer 2015

Anyway, you didn't come to see photos of the product, you came to see swatches, so without further ado, let's move on to the business at hand!

MUFE AquaMatic Summer 2015 3

First up, the black and deep green shades. There are two new shades in here!

MUFE AquaMatic Swatches Summer 2015 1

D-10 Diamond Black is a black shade with silver glitter. Reminds me of the night sky.
M-11 Matte Black is one of the 5 new shades, and is a matte black.
D-12 Diamond Golden Grey is a green-grey taupe that is absolutely a gorgeous neutral colour that everyone can wear. It's in the vein of Stila's Diamond Lil, Benefit Skinny Jeans, and the fabled Lancome Erika F. It also has glitter inside, for some extra bling.
I-20 Iridescent Turquoise is a bright turquoise with a gorgeous sheen.
D-21 Diamond Light Turquoise is another of the 5 new shades, and is a light shade of turquoise with some lovely sparkle.

MUFE Aqua MaticSummer 2015 2

Next, some of the lighter, funner shades - blues, greens, and a neutral! There's one new shade here, too!

MUFE AquaMatic Swatches Summer 2015 2

I-22 Iridescent Electric Blue is a gorgeous colbalt blue with a very nice sheen. It's absolutely gorgeous if you love bright shades.
I-30 Iridescent Lime Green looks like a lime chartreuse shade, again with a very nice sheen.
ME-32 Metallic Golden Khaki is the third of the 5 new shades, and this is another worthy addition. It is a gorgeous neutral olive green khaki with a golden sheen. So pretty, and again pretty wearable on most skintones.
ME-50 Metallic Golden Taupe is a lovely copper penny colour, but one that doesn't look too brassy or orangey or warm. It's pretty wearable, even on cooler tones.
S-52 Satiny Flesh-Colored Pink (yes that really is the colour name) is a shade of pinky beige, but it is a shade or two darker than my NC20 skin. This is gorgeous as an all-over lid colour, or a base. It doesn't have too much shimmer, since the Satin finish here gives it just the slightest sheen.

MUFE AquaMatic Summer 2015 1

The last 5 AquaMatic shades, including some kick-ass pinks and purples! There are also new shades in here too!

MUFE AquaMatic Swatches Summer 2015 3

ME-54 Metallic Pinky Beige
is indeed a metallic pinky beige. On me, it looks like a lovely deeper rose gold shade. It's deeper than S-52 and has a more metallic finish. I've swatched S-52 next to it in case anyone wants a comparison.
S-60 Satiny Warm Brown is a satiny brown shade with very slight shimmer. It's essentially the neutral deep brown almost everyone could use in their eyeshadow collection, and doesn't lean too warm on me.
D-70 Diamond Peach is one of the 5 new shades, and this is a bright orange peach shade with lots of glitter and sparkle.
ME-80 Metallic Pink is the last of the new shades, and this is a deep pink shade with some brown thrown in, sort of like Stila's Twig.
I-90 Iridescent Pop Purple is a deep eggplant purple that still does "pop", with slight iridescence.

Overall, my first impressions of the MUFE Aquamatic is that they were really good quality, and were smooth and pigmented. Most of the swatches you see here are just one or two swipes of product! Also, if you want to blend these out (say if you're using them as eyeshadow), then it's probably best to blend immediately after applying - quickly swipe, and blend - because if you don't, it will set and be unblendable. Lastly, these did indeed seem to be waterproof - I had to use makeup remover (I used MUFE Sens'Eyes) and a whole bunch of cotton pads to get rid of the swatches!

MUFE Aqua Rouge Summer 2015 21 23

Now, on to the two new shades of Aqua Rouge for Summer 2015! I never know how to describe Aqua Rouge to my friends - it's not really a lipstick, nor is it a gloss, and although it's long-lasting it's not quite a lipstain because it doesn't stain the lips. I always explain it as a "long-lasting and pigmented liquid lipstick with glossy topcoat", and I think that's a good explanation. I've reviewed another shade of MUFE's Aqua Rouge in shade 16 before, and it really doesn't budge. Once it sets, you can even go swimming with this!

MUFE Swatches Aqua Rouge Summer 2015

21 Cool Candy Pink is actually brighter than it looks in the tube, and as the name suggests, is a cool pastel pink.
23 Apricot Pink is a warm apricot salmon colour, and seemed to pull a tad orange on me.

All the MUFE Aqua Rouge shades come with a clear glossy topcoat as well, although they apply matte, so if you dislike how they look matte, you can just apply the topcoat (or any other clear gloss if you prefer). In my experience the clear gloss wears off throughout the day, but the matte colour underneath doesn't shift at all, so if you want a glossy finish, just reapply the clear gloss when needed.


  1. omg you have them all! (or what seems like them all) i picked up a lot of the 'crazier' colors. like the acid green. the two summer colors look great!

    1. @jenn f: Haha I don't actually have all the colours, just a few of them :) The swatches were made at a bloggers event :)

  2. That cool candy pink shade is really pretty!

  3. Fab to see swatches of these! I have the Diamond Peach and I love it. Such a pretty colour for summer. I can only buy MUFE online where I live, so good swatches are invaluable. Thanks.

  4. Amazing review! You are so lucky to have them all! This post makes wanna complete my collection


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