Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter Swatches and Quick Impressions

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Givenchy's Le Rouge A Porter Lipstick range has just launched in Singapore earlier this week, and of course I had to swatch them for you! These are a different range from Givenchy's current Le Rouge lipsticks, although Le Rouge A Porter is also clad in ultra-luxe leather. The main differences between Le Rouge and Le Rouge A Porter is that Le Rouge is more pigmented, has a more matte finish, and the tube itself is shorter and chubbier. Le Rouge A Porter, on the other hand, has sheer pigmentation (although you can build it up somewhat), has a shiny, glossy finish, and the tube is very slim and sleek.

Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter: 16 shades of the new lipstick range

The Le Rouge A Porter lipsticks are supposed to also be moisturizing and hydrating to lips - at the event the lipstick was described to me as being a cross between a lipstick and a lipbalm. I was also told that you don't need any lip primer with this product, as it doesn't sink into fine lines or seep out of lip lines. There are 16 shades of Le Rouge A Porter.

Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter: The actual lipstick bullet, encased in genuine leather

If you're wondering, the testers at the display sets are somewhat different from the actual lipstick tube. For one, the actual lipstick itself is encased in leather, with silver metal trim. The testers are encased in plastic (made to look texturized like leather) and have red plastic trim. For those curious, above is a shot of an actual lipstick.

Anyway, enough with the preamble. Without further ado, here are the swatches!

Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter Lipsticks Les Naturels
Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter Les Naturels: Shades 101 to 106

First, are shades 101 to 106, which are called "Les Naturels", which are basically the nude shades. Because these are fairly sheer, some of the lighter shades might not show up very much on more pigmented lips.

Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter Lipstick Swatches Les Naturels
Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter Swatches: Les Naturels, 101 to 106

101 Nude Ultime is a pale beige nude.
102 Beige Mousseline is a slightly deeper, but still pale, beige nude.
103 Beige Plumetis is a medium beige nude.
104 Beige Floral is a medium pinky-beige nude, which would probably be a nice nude colour for fairer girls.
105 Brun Vintage is a quite pretty medium pinky-brown nude.
106 Parme Silhouette is a deeper, but still sheer, violet-tinged nude.

Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter Lipsticks Les Roses
Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter Les Roses: Shades 201 to 206

Next, we have shades 201 to 206, which are "Les Roses", or the pinks. I imagine most people's favourites would come from this range of wearable colours. There are even a couple of colours that "pop" in here!

Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter Lipstick Swatches Les Roses
Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter Swatches: Les Roses, 201 to 206

201 Rose Aristocrate is a warm, medium rose.
202 Rose Fantaisie is a pastel-ish, cool-toned rose.
203 Rose Avant-Garde is a light rose with a neutral undertone.
204 Rose Perfecto is the colour that "pops" - in the tube it looks like a bright pink, but when you apply it, it definitely goes on more sheer than it looks in the tube. It also has a cool undertone.
205 Violine Inspritation is a muted mauve plummy shade, very pretty and wearable. This, along with 204, is one of my favourites.
206 Corail Decolleté is a bright (as far as the Le Rouge A Porter range goes, anyway) coral shade.

Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter Lipsticks Les Creations
Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter Les Creations: Shades 301 to 304

Lastly, we have 301 to 304, the "Les Creations" shades. These are the more "vampy" shades, although given how sheer the Le Rouge A Porter formula is, they don't actually apply anywhere near as vampy or as bold as they look. In fact, if you're looking for something more pigmented, you'd probably start here.

Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter Lipstick Swatches Les Creations
Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter Swatches: Les Creations, 301 to 304

301 Vermillion Creation is a bright, warm vermillion red.
302 Rouge Atelier is a neutral fire-engine-type red.
303 Framboise Griffée is also one of my favourites, as it looks like a really vampy shade, but swatches out to be a nice berry colour.
304 Moka Imprimé is a deep nude-brown shade. Definitely not as intimidating as it looks in the tube, and the brown shade turns out to be surprisingly wearable.

My quick impressions when I swatched the lipsticks were that these are indeed quite moisturizing and balmy on the skin. They were also quite sheer, and despite claims that they are buildable, I found that to be generally true only for the darker shades. Each of the swatches you see above were multiple swipes - I basically dragged the lipsticks across my arm over and over again until enough colour turned up for me to swatch. This meant probably 4-5 times for the lighter shades, and 2-3 times for the darker shades. So depending on how pigmented you like your lipsticks to be, this feature may or may not appear to you (if not, the existing Le Rouge line has a lot of pigment in it). Lastly, the quality of the lipsticks was quite good - these are not hard or waxy, and if anything they are quite soft in the tubes, and are probably a good option for people with drier lips looking for a more accommodating lipstick.


  1. Those colours are all so beautiful!! They look super moisturising as well~

  2. Really love 103, 106, and 203. Beautiful.

  3. The darker shades look so pretty, and perfect for summer.


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