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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

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As you guys may know from my "OMG I bought nail polish AGAIN" posts on Instagram, I've recently been into indie polishes. I know I'm pretty slow to catch onto the trend, but man, all those darn nail blogs out there just keep making me want to buy myself a few indies so bad! And so finally I did.

Black Cat Lacquer Just Like Honey

For this post, I'm showing you Black Cat Lacquer Just Like Honey. Black Cat Lacquer, as you might guess, is an indie brand of nail polish, and like most indies is only available online. One of the things I really like about indie polishes is that they have the most interesting glitter combinations in bases that are just the right level of opacity/translucence, as well as pretty holos. I bought mine from Mei Mei Signatures, which ships internationally.

black cat lacquer just like honey 1
Black Cat Lacquer Just Like Honey: A sweet-like-candy colour

Black Cat Lacquer's Just Like Honey is a lovely milky white crelly (cream jelly, in case you're wondering - it's a squishy-looking finish that's not quite as sheer as a jelly) base with magenta pink and warm pink glitters in various sizes - there's small dot-like glitter, medium round glitter, large round glitter, and medium hexagonal glitter. The overall effect is that of pink glitters suspended in a white base, and looks very light, feminine and pretty.

black cat lacquer just like honey 3
Black Cat Lacquer Just Like Honey: White crelly with pink glitters, opaque in two coats

I had no complaints about the polish - it applied smoothly, there wasn't any unmanageable strange glitter pooling or stringiness. Texture and brush were good too. I did two coats for this manicure, with very very minimal fishing for glitter (really just for the large round glitter), and one coat of topcoat, and no underwear (for my none-polish-fanatic friends, that's a white or nude layer of polish that you apply under the colour to make it stand out more). Just Like Honey does dry a little bumpy, it's nothing a layer or two of topcoat can't take care of.

black cat lacquer just like honey 2
Black Cat Lacquer Just Like Honey: Definitely worth the price I paid for it, if you like pretty feminine shades

I also like that the white crelly base has the right level of translucence - it's opaque enough to cover in two coats, yet also still sheer enough to let the glitter in the previous coat show through. THIS is really what I personally look for in the base - not so sheer that it needs a layer of underwear polish, and not so opaque that it obliterates the glittery goodness inside. I'm pretty in love with this shade, and I thin I might just have to get my hands on a few more crellies!


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