Benefit Rockateur Review, Swatches, and FOTD

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Benefit launched its Rockateur powder, which is a blush and highlighting powder in one! Rockateur is supposed to be a blush-cum-highlighter, much like their other boxed powders. I've always been fond of Benefit's boxed powders (they're one of my favourite items from the line), so I had to write about this and give you guys a review!

Benefit Rockateur: Rose gold blush and highlighter

One of the things I really love about Benefit is their excellent ability to find a colour that is universally flattering, while still being interesting (think Bella Bamba and Hervana as particularly good case studies), and I do think this is part of the reason why there is such a following behind their boxed powders.

Benefit Rockateur box
Benefit Rockateur: Even the box is fancy with a textured lid! Love the lace print.

Pretty box, check. Nice scented product, check. Enclosed brush? Check. Talk about stunning presentation - this has definitely upped the ante on their boxed powders! Now let's open the box and take a further peek!

Benefit describes Rockateur as a "rose gold", and I think I would agree - to me it's a light warm pink with a hint of gold shimmer. As an added bonus, there is a lovely "Rockateur" design imprinted on the powder, and a shot of gold overspray over some parts of the powder too. The designs are very lovely, and I do think this is the first Benefit blush I've come across with such pretty designs on the powder.

Benefit Rockateur closeup
Benefit Rockateur close up: Look at that pretty overspray and the "Rockateur" word imprinted on the powder!

I was almost loathe to use it, because I would be ruining the lovely overspray and imprints and all, but I did it anyway because I knew you guys would want a swatch! (How nice am I? LOL.) Anyway, the overspray is gone very quickly with the first couple of swipes, so if you've walked past Rockateur in a store and passed it on because you thought it was too shimmery, don't be afraid to try it! The final product ends up with shimmer, to be sure, but it's less than it appears in the pan.

Benefit Rockateur swatch
Benefit Rockateur swatch: A lovely warm pink with golden shimmer that is buildable in pigmentation.

Texture of the blush is good, much like Benefit's other boxed powder offerings. The pigmentation is also like other Benefit blushes - that is to say, it starts off sheer, but is very buildable. What you see on my arms was probably 4-5 swipes. So yes, you can apply just a little bit for the sheerest pink and gold shimmer, or you can really build it up. I personally like Benefit boxed powders for exactly this reason - when you're blindly slapping makeup on your face before work at 7am in the morning, you usually don't have the luxury of time or good lighting, so this allows for fairly forgiving results even with a less-than-meticulous application.

Below, you can see an FOTD (Face of the Day) I've done with Rockateur. Here, to make the blush really pop in the photos, I've opted to use it a little heavier. You can definitely use it lighter than I did if that's your preference. Also, even with heavy application, you can see that the gold shimmer isn't OTT - it's a fine shimmer that is more glowy and not so much huge discrete specks of glitter. (By the way, if you want to know what foundation I'm wearing in the FOTD, you'll have to wait a little - I'll be doing a review on it soon!)

Benefit Rockateur FOTD
A FOTD with Benefit Rockateur: Lovely shimmer that adds some dimension to the look without being OTT.

So, would I recommend Rockateur? By now, if you've read my previous reviews on Benefit's boxed powders, you'll know that I love these powders. And what's not to love? The lovely colour that flatters most skintones, the pretty packaging and powder designs, and the nice texture and buildable pigmentation are all things I am pleased with. If you've been eyeing Rockateur, it's definitely worth checking out.

(Product was sent for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. It looks really nice. From other swatches, it looked so dark, but these swatches look nice.

  2. nice..

  3. So, so pretty! It looks great with and without the overspray.

  4. Wow it's gorgeous! You're right, I would have been turned away by the overspray, so it's nice to know it goes away quickly.

  5. Mmm don't know about this one, it looks a bit more coral to me than rose gold.

    1. @Annabella Skin Scrubs: It's not really coral (to me Coralista is more coral?). I guess I would say that it's a warm pink with gold shimmer. I guess on my skintone (esp the last photo) it does look a little coral because of the warmth of the photo. It may look different on you though!

  6. The blush suits you so beautifully, got the same skin tone as yours, you made my decision easy, so am getting it! :)


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