MUFE Blue Sepia Palette Swatches and Review: Brights and Neutrals

Sunday, August 11, 2013

MUFE's latest Blue Sepia Eyeshadow Palette has definitely been one of my favourite things, makeup-wise, to emerge from this Fall season of launches. For me, it was just love at first sight - and once I got to try out the eyeshadows, it was also love at first swipe.

MUFE Blue Sepia Palette: Swatches and Review

So why was it love at first sight? Well, for one, I loved the combination of colours. You know how I like the concept of "a pop of colour" in my makeup (in fact, I have a Pinterest board called "A Pop of Colour" for this purpose). I've blogged about a combination of bright and neutral on the eyes, as well as brights and neutrals on the nails, so yes, I loved this palette for that reason. It's a very well-coordinated palette. Some palettes seem to be random bright shades thrown together, and some palettes just seem so boring, but this not just a combination of random colours, but the palette seems to really offer a way to inject a little bit of colour into your look without making it unwearable.

MUFE Blue Sepia Palette
MUFE Blue Sepia Palette - a pop of colour among a setting of lovely neutrals.

Below, you can see a close up of the palette, as well as some swatches. There are 8 shades in this palette, and out of the 8 actually 7 of them are neutral shades of brown and a black, pretty much. So if you took a look at the blue shade and then wrote off the entire palette, well, don't! This palette is definitely more wearable than it looks at first glance.

First, a closer look at the shades in the palette.

MUFE Blue Sepia Palette colours
MUFE Blue Sepia Palette L-R: 128 Copper Fawn, 28 Coffee, 152 Light Pink, Petrol Blue, 04 Black, 98 Brown, 17 Espresso, 127 Metallic Taupe.

128 Copper Fawn is a warm, copper brown that's matte in finish.
28 Coffee is also a warm brown, but darker and less warm than Copper Fawn.
152 Light Pink is a pastel pink with some very slight shimmer. A great highlight shade, or else an all-over for a no-makeup eye look.
Petrol Blue - if I'm not wrong, this is an exclusive to the palette. It's a gorgeous teal blue with gold shimmer. Lovely!
04 Black is matte black. 'Nuff said.
98 Brown is a neutral midtone brown. Not too warm, not too cool.
17 Espresso is a neutral deep brown. I like this shade, very wearable.
127 Metallic Taupe is a lovely shimmery taupey brown. I really like this - I feel like it would be great as a lid colour, if you didn't want to use the Petrol Blue shade.

And, arm swatches!

MUFE Blue Sepia Palette swatches
MUFE Blue Sepia Palette swatches

Texture was great, as with most MUFE shadows I've tried so far. Smooth, not gritty or crumbly, and blendable. Pigmentation was also excellent across all the shades, everything you see here is probably around 3-4 swipes, 4 swipes max. The only exception was 152 Light Pink, which is a bit more pastel and which required more building up on my arm for the colour to really show. Everything else in the palette was very nicely pigmented. I'm not kidding about the pigmentation. For most eyeshadows, after I swatch them on my arm, I can get them off with a tissue and some rubbing, or sometimes, a dampened tissue. For these, I had to use soap and water. So you'll appreciate what my arm went through to swatch these! :P

Another thing about the palette was that most of the shades are matte-looking, and the shimmers don't really have OTT discoball shimmer either. It seems to me that this selection of shades is designed to complement the Petrol Blue shade, since that is the one with the noticeable shimmer.

MUFE Blue Sepia Palette box
MUFE Blue Sepia Eyeshadow Palette: Great pigmentation and a good shade mix make this a winner.

All in all, I think that if you're looking to inject some colour into your wardrobe, but still want to keep it wearable, or if you're primarily a neutrals person who doesn't mind mixing it up with a little colour now and then, I think this would be the palette for you. I also like the great pigmentation and texture, too. In addition to a I'll be doing some eye looks with the palette soon, so stay tuned!

(Product was sent for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. ♥ ♥ ♥ this looks stunning. Shade selection is extra-ordinary!!!

  2. This is indeed a love at first sight kinda palette. The neutrals is just gorgeous and that blue is so pretty. I look forward to your eye look.


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