Sleek Haul: Mostly Blushes and one Eye Dust!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I hauled from the Sleek Makeup website sometime back, and now I'm the proud mama of four Sleek blushes and one Eye Dust! I'm pretty excited! I actually really liked ordering from the Sleek website, the swatches provided on skin really helped to visualize the products (although there are already tons of Sleek swatches out there, including mine). But it was the delivery that was a little bit problematic. I have no idea what went wrong, but the order had to be shipped out three times before it got to me. Fortunately I was third time lucky! But all this was back at the end of last year, so I hoped whatever caused that snafu has been cleaned up.

Anyway, let's get to the haul. My previous experiences with Sleek blushes have all been good, so I was really very excited to get ahold of these babies! I'm just going to spend some time drooling over these now, because they just look so gorgeous. The photos below are provided for you to join in the gratituous drooling! Take that, overly-expensive, crappy makeup! Sleek's got your ass kicked!

sleek pixie pink blush

The blush above is Pixie Pink. It's one of Sleek's more popular colours, and of course it would be, because neutral light pink is a universally flattering shade. The good thing about Pixie Pink is that it's not too pastel, so it would look good even on darker skintones, and is less likely to go ashy. It's nicely pigmented, too.

sleek rose gold blush

Next, Sleek's Rose Gold Blush. This is a very NARS Orgasm-ish colour, and seems quite close. From what I can tel, Orgasm is pinker, but both are basically pinky-peach blushes with gold shimmer. Since NARS blushes tend to break me out, (if you were reading the blog during its days of infancy, you'd know my love-then-hate relationship with NARS blushes), I do like it when a brand puts out something similar to a NARS shade - after all, despite their pore-clogging ingredients, NARS does have some nice blush colours. Anyway, there are plenty of Orgasm dupes out there, and while this isn't a dupe, it's something similar which I quite like. This is a little on the warm-toned side.

sleek flamingo blush

I also got Flamingo, which actually, doesn't come in the colour of a flamingo at all. I mean, if you think about it, flamingos are really shrimp-coloured, because those birds get their colouring from the food they eat. But "Shrimp" wouldn't be a very nice-sounding blush colour name, would it? In anycase, this doesn't look like the colour of a flamingo/shrimp to me. Which is a good thing, because it's better. I'd call it a medium bright neutral rose - the universally flattering colour for flushed cheeks. Absolutely my type of shade.

sleek pomegranate blush

The last blush I got was Sleek's Pomegranate. Now you know I love my intense blushes, and this is definitely one of those I love. This colour reminds me a little of NARS Sin (another one of those confounded NARS blushes I loved until they gave me cystic acne), in that it's got a deep pink-purple base with gold shimmer. I do think Pomegranate is brighter, however. It's a little intense, but applied with a light hand would look great on nearly everyone, except perhaps really warm-toned girls. I love this.

sleek vintage eye dust

And of course, my Sleek Eye Dust in Vitage. I really like this. It's a gorgeous antique brown-gold shade. Not too warm, not too brassy, not too boring. It's actually the kind of shade I would wear to work, hypothetically, if I bothered to drag myself up early every morning to do my eyeshadow. (I'm afraid two years of working a full-time job has made me lazy in the looks department...But I'm still hauling! Go figure.)

Anyway, that was my haul, and I can't wait to try these items, especially the blushes! You guys know I'm a blush fiend, so of course that would be the one item I ordered tons of. What have you guys been hauling? Tell me!

(I was given a store credit to test out the then-new website interface. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. Ι recently bought Pomegranate and Rose Gold and I absolutely love them!Maybe Rose Gold a little bit more but anyway! I feel like I'm buying really expensive makeup!Sleek is amazing!

  2. Sleek is amazing, so well pigmented for a drugstore brand. Every time I want to purchase there Eye Dust its always sold out, might also have to purchase online.

    ahana xo

  3. I've always wanted Pomegranate, you got some great shades xx

  4. Pomegranate looks lovely!

    Nea -Fashioned in Finland-

  5. After recently transferring all of my makeup from a messy drawer setup to a vanity setup, I was very shocked by how much I had amassed. While I stopped buying makeup, I did buy a lot of nailpolish--particularly Color Club. I'm loving their holos and the formulation of their other polishes, too! :)

  6. So jealous about the Sleek blushes. I'd love to try one. Or two.

  7. Pixie Pink looks lovely. I can't wait to try it. And thanks for your honest reviews, I appreciated it.


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