Did You Guys Fall for My April Fools' Prank?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

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Didja guys fall for my yesterday's prank? Happy April Fools!

You guys know that I love pulling these pranks right? :D Yesterday's post was a classic example :P Well, I'm actually not launching a BB cream. I'm not planning any cynical attempt to con unaware consumers out of their money with cute packaging, crappy formulation, and K-pop stars. It's just a jest. I love you guys, and I definitely do my best to remain an honest and trustworthy blogger - I've given PR samples frank reviews, even if the reviews are bad, I've turned down advertising and affiliate programmes that I felt compromised what I wanted my blog to be (e.g. Some affiliate programmes require you to shill the products), and I've not always been the most obliging blogger to PR people (I don't, for example, take part in "Vote-for-me" blogger competitions that require you to shill the product), because I want my blog to be honest. Sure it's easy to say, but blogger neutrality sometimes gets sacrificed in a blogger's (or YouTuber's, for that matter) attempt to monetize their blog/channel, and maintain good relations with PR people. I've never felt tempted to do any of these (I guess for once my laziness to shill and canvass for votes is a good thing!) , but I do see other blogs or YT channels doing so, and it makes me a little sad inside.

Regardless, let's not conclude with my rambles, but get back to the occasion at hand, which is April Fools! You know, given that my fake and crappy Sweet Pink Shiny BB Magic Cream SPF 50 with Sweet Almond Oil and XYZ-Random-Plant Natural Extract sounds a lot like some of the actual BB creams offered on the market, I can't help but wonder - are some of these BB cream companies trying to pull an elaborate prank on us, and make us waste our money on poorly-formulated products for their profit? Who knows, right? Happy April Fools!


  1. hahaha, I think that post was very sarcastic and not sure if you are ACTUALLY willing to go through all that process. you almost got me fooled, ALMOST :p


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