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Monday, July 30, 2012

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I'm always a big fan of online stores - I love the fact that they carry niche, indie brands that I wouldn't be able to get by going into a department store, and that I can get my beauty fix from any part of the world online. Recently, I came to know about Argly Duckling, which is just one such online retail store. Argly Duckling's products are very carefully curated. There are lots of very niche, targeted products that are known brands in their specialized niche. The founder of Argly Duckling actually worked in the beauty industry before setting up the store, so these are definitely products picked by someone in the know. Let me walk you through some of their key offerings.

First up among them is nail polish! Argly Duckling carries Butter London, which will need no introduction to all the nail polish fanatics out there. The brand (which, by the way, is actually based in LA despite the quirky British-themed names) is 3-Free, too. Other than Butter London, Argly Duckling also carries nail wraps, which are quite the trend now.

Another polish offering carried by the store is Laqa & Co., which are known for two products - their nail polish pens and Fat Lip Pencils, which are really lipglosses in pen form. I tried out their nail polish pens, and while I tend to be skeptical about these things, these actually turned out fine on me. You apply them much like regular polish. In the photo below you can see me giving a demo on how to use these things. As well as swatches! These are sans-cleanup, since they were done during the event. Even with my not-so-neat painting skills, you can see that the pen still gives a relatively neat finish. (I know the truly skilled among you will beg to differ, but hey, give me some credit for polishing my nails on the spot in the middle of a restaurant...) Here are my favourites swatched:

laqa and co nail polish pen w

L-R: Fancypants, Incestuous, Squid Ink, Pimpin

I also swatches the Laqa and Co. Fat Lip Pencils, since you know I'm all about the swatches. The best-selling colour of the lot is Lambchop, which is a bright pink that's very bright, but not neon.

laqa and co fat lip pencil w

L-R: Wolfman, Fairyblood, Lambchop, Ring of Fire, Bossy Boots

Now for other non-nail-related products. There include the famous Blinc Tubing Mascara, a personal favourite of the founder's, which is waterproof, but easily removed with warm water. There's also Kaia's Bamboo Cleansing Wipes, which are really a beauty insider's pick, because Kaia is famous for its Bamboo Cleansing Wipes - in fact, the brand only sells these Bamboo Cleansing Wipes, and no other products. So you'd really have to be in the know to pick this one. One box has 30 sheets.

bamboo cleansing facial cloths

Lastly, skincare. Gosh, so many brands here, so I'll do a quick run-through. First up, there's the Flower Power line of body moisturizers, which comes in many complex and artisanal scents. They're a little thick in texture, but will absorb into the skin eventually.

flower power body moisturizer w

Then there's Korean skincare brand Ciracle, whose key product, the Jeju Water Sleeping Mask, is like the famed Laneige Sleeping Pack.

ciracle jeju water sleeping mask w

Another really highly-acclaimed product is the Ciracle Goodbye Blackhead mask, for use in removing those pesky nose blackheads!

ciracle goodbye blackhead

Other than Ciracle there's also Benta Berry, which is a French skincare line that recently launched in Singapore. And there's Pure Paw Paw Papaya Ointment, which isn't really a skincare product, but more of an ointment. It's a sticky clear balm which can be applied to small cuts and areas of irritated skin, much like a salve.

pure papaya ointment

Shipping is cheap, too. Delivery is $3, and orders of $50 and up get free delivery! Visit Argly Duckling at to shop.

(Some product was sent for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)

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