Acid Wash Jeans Nail Art

Saturday, July 7, 2012

I've been wearing my jeans alot on weekends lately, so I thought, why shouldn't I do a jeans-inspired nail look? I also saw a couple of people posting such looks on Instagram, so I thought, I'd add my own take to the mix!

If you follow me on Instagram (I'm also Musicalhouses there), you would have seen me Instagram my acid wash jeans mani too! But that's a tiny photo, so here it is in it's full glory.

To get this look, I started off with two coats of Essie Aruba Blue as a base let to dry. I love this shade, and have featured Essie Aruba Blue as a standalone mani before too, back in the early days of my blog. But this time, I layered a white creme over it. Any white will do, I used my good ol' Wet n' Wild White.

acid wash jean nail art 2

And next, comes the fun part - destroying your mani! I created the acid wash effect by taking nail polish remover, and basically remove the white bits and blend the two shades together a little. You can use acetone if you prefer, I just used nail polish remover because it was what I had on hand, but as a result I got some blue stains on my cuticles. I suspect acetone may leave less stains? Anyway. The Instagram tutorial I saw used a Q-tip, but I personally preferred a small brush, like the kind you use for cleanup. I guess it's just a matter of preferences.

acid wash jean nail art 3

So after applying three coats of nail polish and removing part of it, I get this really cool acid wash effect on my nails - just like jeans! And it's pretty easy to do too, since all you do is destroy your mani artistically. I'm actually pretty tempted to repeat this with other colour combinations!


  1. I love this! Can't wait to try it!

    1. @Magz and Mez: If you do, I'd love to see you try it! :)

  2. I saw this on your instagram and like it so much! I would love to try this with pink color and hopefully it goes well :)

  3. Very clever! :O I don't do my nails much but dude! Love this! :D xxxx


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