Sleek Bare Minimum Pout Polish: Swatch/Review/LOTD

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sleek Makeup has released Bare Minimum Pout Polish as part of their Nude Collection, as the perfect complement to a nude lip. I personally feel that the Pout Paints are one of the more underrated products in the Sleek Makeup line (some of the permanent Pout Polish colours were swatched before) as a lot of attention is given to the eyeshadow palettes, leading to some of the lesser items missing out on all the fuss. This lack of fuss doesn't mean the Sleek Pout Polishes are a bad product however, I've had a few and I quite like them.

Bare Minimum, the latest Pout Polish to be released by Sleek Makeup, comes in the same large, flat pots as the normal Pout Polishes do, and it also has SPF15 to boot. I actually quite like the smell of Bare Minimum - it kind of smells like a minty vanilla. Yummy. The ony gripe I have is that I'm not very keen on lipbalms in pots, because you have to stick your fingers into them to apply the Pout Polish, and that is pretty unhygenic and gets your fingers all dirty.

sleek bare minimum pout polish 2

In the pot, Bare Minimum looks like a beigey-pink neutral shade with a hint of brown, but once you actually swatch it, it applies very sheerly. There is a hint of colour and gloss, and not much more. Well, the name of this Pout Polish is Bare Minimum, right? So no surprises here, LOL.

sleek bare minimum pout polish swatch

On the lips, the texture is nice, and feels very moisturizing. I also like that the Pout Paints are not sticky at all. Bare Minimum leaves behind a slightly beige tint of colour on my lips, but not very much since it's so sheer. The natural colour of the lip shows through instead, but is muted by the slight beige tint. The Pout Polish leaves a glossy, high-shine finish that I think is quite nice.

sleek bare minimum pout polish lotd

If you're looking for a sheer nude lipbalm that moisturizes your lips and isn't sticky, I think Sleek Makeup's Bare Minimum Pout Polish would definitely be worth looking into. Personally, although I'm not a fan of lip stuff in pots, I quite enjoy using Bare Minimum.

(Product was sent for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. oo this looks so nice!! Wish I have your pretty lips >.<

  2. Looks pretty on you. I personally still didn't try the pout polishes:)

  3. I want to try those pout polishes soo badly! That one looks gorgeous on you! <3

  4. Nice nude shade and so glossy for a balm!

  5. Yeah. I've wanted to try the orange pout polish but aside from that, they just aren't pigmented enough for me. I do LOVE the way it makes your lips look so luscious though!

  6. luscious lips!
    btw, please check my blog and follow if you like, I promise I will return the favor. thanks.


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