Majolica Majorca Jeweling Pencil Eyeliner Swatches

Monday, June 20, 2011

Majolica Majorca is the offshoot of Shiseido, the Japanese brand famous for skincare, as well as makeup. Majolica Majorca is very popular among Asian girls, with its "Shiseido-for-a-cheaper-price" appeal. That said, I have to admit, Majolica Majorca is one of the better Asian drugstore brands I've seen to date, with their quality of products.

Majolica Majorca has a line of pencil eyeliners, called the Jeweling Pencil Eyeliners. Why they're called Jeweling is a mystery to me, but I guess it's a reference to the sparkles in the pencil eyeliners, since it's definitely not the colours.

Majolica Majorca Jeweling Pencil Eyeliners

L - R: BK999, BK901, BL503, PK204, BR606, Marble 71, Green Jewel GR522, Amber Flakes BR633

BK999 is a soft matte black.
BK901 is a black with sparse silver glitter.
BL503 is a deep colbalt blue with sparse silver glitter.
PK204 is a frosty pale pink. Pink eye anyone? LOL. This would probably be good on the waterline.
BR606 is a warm yellow brown with sparse gold shimmer.
Marble 71 is a frosty gold that isn't that greatly pigmented.
Green Jewel GR522 is a light grass green with gold shimmer. The shimer in GR522 is a bit denser than in the other colours.
Amber Flakes BR633 is a deep brown, less warm than BR606, with gold shimmer. I'm not sure if I'd call it amber flakes, but it's pretty. Again, the glitter in this is denser than the other shades.

I don't know why some of the shades have shade names and some don't, but I guess the ones with the names were part of a later release. These went on with a nice glide, and were decent in pigmentation, althought they didn't stay that long.


  1. Really pretty! Thanks for Sharing!

  2. That's a pretty mix of colours. ^^

  3. Although the idea is nice, i'm sad that they had poor pigmentation and didn't last!

  4. nice swatches, I thought it were an e/s at first! lol.... thanks for the review

  5. I actually think PK204 is gorgeous! I'd probably use it more as an eyeshadow base than anything though :) great swatches!

  6. Wow, great swatches! Those are all such pretty colors.


  7. pretty!!! I like the Cobalt blue! ^_^


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