Asian Face Powders Haul: Ponds Magic Powder and Bhaesaj Teen Powder

Friday, June 10, 2011

Everywhere I go, I'm always discovering new beauty products and tips. And thanks to friends who travel and are nice enough to buy stuff back for me, from time to time, I get to lay my hands on some of makeup tips, tricks and hot items from other countries!

My friend, Lynn, recently went to Thailand, and bought back these two Asian face powders for me, the Ponds Magic Powder, as well as the Thailand-based brand's Bhaesaj Teen Powder, both of which are extremely popular in Thailand, and have garnered a following in Asia as well.

Asian Face Powders

These face powders look like body powders, but they're actually used as face powders in Asia. Pretty neat, eh? I've actually reviewed the Johnson's Face Powder previously, so these powders are in the same vein as the one.

Here's a photo of my face powders, including the Johnson's one previously reviewed.

asian face powders

I'm so excited to have hauled this, even if in proxy through a friend, LOL! I can't wait to start using and reviewing these!


  1. i actually have the ponds one. i even have the blue one. i dont really use them though. i've had them for years so im pretty sure theyre not too good to use anymore. haha

  2. I've never used a face powder! I have no idea what they're supposed to do or are for. Being that I'm tan, i'd be afraid of them showing up as chalky on me. But for some reason I want to try them badly - they look as if they would smell good.

  3. nice ! i wanna buy it
    your newest follower (check me out and follow if you like!)


  4. Cool! I've never seen these face powders before! I just read your Johnsons one and it looks luminous!

  5. The Asian beauty market has all the best stuff!!!

  6. LOL! Have fun using them! I'm in the midst of using the Bhaesaj one, which has decent oil control for my shiny, disco ball face!

  7. the bottles are so similar. how do you use face powder in your routine? after foundation?

  8. @cushy: I don't use foundation, so I use the powder after my concealer to "set" it and give a more even finish.

  9. Yes please do a review for them, I'm in need of a good, affordable face powder

  10. I was in Thailand two years ago and FELL in love with this stuff. I am African American the shade of super model Naomi Campbell and this stuff goes on clear and doesn't cake. I went to Thailand in August and it was HOT so wearing regular pressed powder was out of the question. I had a friend send me two dozen bottles I have about 5 left. I just found it on so I'm happy

  11. Hi! Came across your post while googling and one question is if make up removal is necessary for pond's magic powder at the end of the day or normal facial wash will be sufficient? Thanks in advance!
    P.S. Realized that this was posted 5 years ago but really hope that you will reply!

    1. @Anonymous: If you're wearing just the powder, then a normal face wash should remove it just fine :)

  12. Thanks for the reply, appreciate it!


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