KATE Cometics Event: Eye Shadow DB

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Last week, I was introduced to some of the new products from KATE Cosmetics, the drugstore offshoot of Japanese brand Kanebo. The main highlight of the session was a new rangee of eyeshadow duos, the Eye Shadow DB.

The Eye Shadow DB (DB stands for Dual Blend) is marketed as being more than your average eyeshadow duo. As you can see, the plastic divider between the two shades runs for only half the eyeshadow duo. The idea is that in addition to using the two shades, you can create a third shade by blending the two existing shades, and thereby create a new shade. I guess it's pretty useful for girls who like to gradate their eyeshadow, which is primarily a feature the Asian markets tend to be more interested in.

KATE Cosmetics

The first thing that caught my eye at the event were the cupcakes. They had cupcakes! And they were meticulously branded with the KATE logo and colour scheme (black and red).

kate event 1 cupcakes

Food aside, we got to see a demonstration of the Eye Shadow DB being used on a model. Mikiya Hirai, a Japan-based makeup artist with Kanebo, was in town to do the makeup. He demonstrated a "day look", followed by a night look (acheived by applying a greater amount of the darker shade and contouring the face further).

kate event 3 demo

The final look was very classy and well-defined. This is the "night look":

kate event 4 look

We also got to play with a whole range of testers on the spot. The makeup itself was very good, especially by Asian-drugstore-brand standards. This means that:

1. There wasn't glitter overload in every single product;

2. The eyeshadows were actually pigmented (well, not pigmented like MAC or Smashbox or your Western brands, but definitely more pigmented than your average Asian drugstore brand). I'd call them of medium pigmentation but buildable;

3. They didn't have frivolous but stupid packaging. Well, there was an emphasis on packaging, as is the case with almost all Asian brands I've seen, but with KATE Cosmetics it didn't make me think "Huh? How am I supposed to use/store/maintain this thing?"

4. The lip products had a good range of colours and finishes. It's so typical of Asian brands to just have a variety of light pinks and insert glitter of various sizes and colours into their lipglosses and call it a range, but KATE had a much more sophisticated colour palette than that. They had reds, berries, and some shades without shimmer, which I really liked.

5. And lastly, THEY HAVE TAUPES! Asian brands tend not to produce taupey colours for eyeshadows because taupes aren't that saleable in the Asian market, but hey, what do you know, KATE has them!

Notable products included the cream eyeshadows (stayed on well, and felt gel-like, sorta like jelly), the liquid eyeliners (these don't budge), as well as the mascaras and mascara base. The mascaras and mascara bases were quite popular among the bloggers, almost everyone there who tried them had nice things to say about them.

Here's a visual spread of the makeup. Unfortunately, we didn't get to take them home! I would have loved to, though! Makeup takeaway, anyone? :P

kate event 5 makeup

Here's yours truly at the event, after playing with some of the makeup. The red lipstick is my own, but the rest are all KATE products. Unfortunately, the lighting wasn't very conducive to photo-taking, so I'm not sure how illustrative this photo is.

kate event 6 look

And lastly, a shot of myself with some of the other bloggers present.

kate event 7 group shot

I'll be testing out their Eye Shadow DB duo soon, as well as their mascara and mascara base. I'm looking forward to seeing how those two products fare on my eyes (especially the mascara and mascara base - you know how hard it is to find a good mascara!). Reviews on those will be forthcoming, so if they interest you, do stay tuned!


  1. I have always wanted to try Kate cosmetics but have no idea where I can find them in the UK.

  2. @Get Gawjus!: Unfortunately I don't think they're carried outside of Asia-Pacific. My guess is, Ebay, Sasa or other such places may have them, or you could get a friend to buy and send it over. If you're desperate for anything, let me know, I'd be glad to help:)

  3. Looks like tons of fun

  4. I've never tried Kate eyeshadows but they are gorgeous! :)

  5. ♥Love your blog♥

  6. Thanks! Interesting, I'll be checking these out when I am back in June. Can't wait! xx In fact I will be checking out the whole variety of asian brands when I am there. x

  7. looks like you had a lot of fun. lovely makeup look too and i like the red lippie :-)

  8. Looking forward to reviews on the products!


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