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Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Can the contents of your bag tell your personality? Can you read someone's character by what they carry in their bag? I know what you're thinking - how much can your bag tell about you, anyway? Well, maybe how much money you have, or maybe, how neat or messy you are? Well, you'll be surprised!

As part of the launch of the Sudocrem Skincare Cream Facebook page, the Sudocrem folks are having Debbie of perform bagology readings for anyone who uploads a photo of the stuff in their bag to the Sudocrem Facebook page! Isn't that cool?

Now for the unintiated, Sudocrem is a skincare brand, most famous up to now for their nappy rash cream. Now, Sudocrem has branched out into facial skincare, and the brand has launched a blemish cream, the Sudocrem Skin Care Cream. And as part of their launch, they have tied up with the folks to give you a shot at having your personality read through your bag!

This personality analysis works for guys as well as girls (come on, guys, don't pretend you're not curious!), and I couldn't resist giving this a go. Here's the photo I uploaded (OMG, everyone knows now that I carry a hot pink plastic purse and a neon orange plastic purse in my bag, and we can see how ancient my mp3 player is....)

And here's the analysis I was given. As you can see, it's really, really thorough - not just "you like bright colours":

"Thank you for being so excited about your handbag reading which I hope you will enjoy. So let’s get on with it... I can see that others describe you as popular and sociable. People will see you as someone who has a lot of friends or that you know a lot of people. I sense that friends will say that you are a very polite, and courteous lady. Your friendliness is genuine! You are a proud lady – perhaps of your skills, or maybe of your friends and family. This is a wonderful quality about you –to take such pride in work or loved ones. Please remember that you can still be polite AND be more honest with expressing your feelings or your own needs. I sense that this might be difficult for you to do sometimes. Your bag is encouraging you to be brave! Be confident knowing that people who count will love you even if occasionally you put you first! I think when you write then you can be very positive and find a great clarity of words and thoughts, so perhpas you can build on this in other parts of your life. I sense two more important things from your bag: firstly that you are looking for some inspiration in your life, or in a new project- I suggest you look for inspiration connected to health or something about growth. Secondly You are a very sympathetic and empathetic lady but please,please, please - make sure that you are not spending time with people who are cowardly (hiding from the truth) or who are deceitful in nature as they will ‘suck you in’. If you spend time with anyone sick or ill, it is not your only duty – you also have a duty to be young and active and healthy. So, seek out things and people to help you achieve that too! Above all, take care of YOU! Find balance and keep things in perspective. It has been a pleasure to talk about your bag with you, thank you."

Wow! Is that analysis amazing or what? Now to be fair, I'm not sure I totally agree with the reading - I don't think I'm popular or sociable, LOL! But she's spot on in that I do love writing, and writing helps me sort out my thoughts. I guess that's why I'm writing a blog, right? And for some of the rest, I feel a bit ambivalent, like the bit about finding inspiration. But it definitely is thought-provoking, and gave me a lot of food for thought!

So if you want your bagology reading, head over to the Sudocrem Skincare Cream Facebook page and upload a photo of the contents of your bag soon! The bagology readings run until 10th May, so we don't have all day!


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