Givenchy Rouge Liquide Swatches and First Impressions

Sunday, September 9, 2018

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Givenchy's Rouge Liquide has just hit Singapore, and this is clearly a pretty big launch here, and is very on-trend with the popularity of liquid lipsticks. All 14 shades are being launched here (yes!!), and the selling point of the lipsticks is that the packing is pretty unique - it looks like an ordinary lipstick when you open it, but what you are seeing is just the flocked applicator. To apply the lipstick, you twist the base, and the liquid lipstick will move up through the hole in the applicator.

Givenchy Rouge Liquide - liquid lipsticks with a flocked applicator

Cool, right? Above is the lipsticks when the case has been opened (you can see the flocked applicator and the hole through which the liquid lipstick is pushed up). The applicators all have the same shade of red, so you can't tell what shade the Rouge Liquide is without looking at the base to see the shade name. Just a note of caution though - the applicators can be a bit tricky to use initially. As with most "twist up to push the product out" products, you do run the risk of the twist mechanism going "click-click-click-click - no product - click-click-click-click - no product - click-click-click-click - a whole globule of product emerges that's way too much for one application". So, twist and wait the first time you're using it! You only need a little bit to cover the lips, because the product is pretty dense and pigmented. This isn't an issue after the first time you use the Rouge Liquide however.

Alright, enough gushing about the packaging, let's get to the meat of the post - swatches!

Givenchy Rouge Liquide Swatches
Givenchy Rouge Liquide Swatches

100 Nude Tweed is a fairly brown nude.
101 Nude Cachemire is a light carnation pink that's not too light, and pretty wearable.
106 Nude Taffetas is a muted dusty pink mauve nude, and looks pretty sophisticated.
107 Nude Velours is a very pretty mauve MLBB shade that leans cool. This is my favourite shade in the range, and probably the most wearable. If you're looking for a wearable everyday shade and don't know when to start, this would be my recommendation.
202 Rose Flanelle is a shade of pink that's quite wearable. It looks similar to 101 at first glance, but is a bit deeper and more pink and less nude. It's a slightly more wearable version of 101.
203 Rose Jersey is a bright candy pink. When you think of the classic Barbie pink, this is similar, but it's more warm, and also lighter and brighter.
204 Fuchsia Angora is a very pretty and very bright pink with a good dose of fuschia added in. It's not quite neon, but certainly very bright and eye-catching. This is also one of my favourites if you're in the mood for a bright pink. This leans cool.
205 Corail Popeline is a warm coral pink that's pretty bright. It's a fairly "kbeauty" type of shade (and by that I mean a bright, warm, pop of pinky-coral), and reads as a more coral, less pink version of 101.
306 Orange Plumetis is a deeper more coral, redder, more intense version of 205. This is also a pretty "kbeauty" style shade, with the coral lean and bright tone.
308 Rouge Mohair is pinky red shade with cool undertones. It's sort of similar to 204, except that this is more red, while 204 is more pink. It's sort of a red with a good dose of fuschia added in.
309 L’Interdit is the classic givenchy shade - the givenchy red. This is a pretty classic bright red with neutral undertones, and is pretty universally flattering because it doesn't lean cool or warm. If you're a red lipstick lover, this is worth a shot.
410 Rouge Suedine is a deep plum red. This is also red, bu with more purple / plum in it, and deeper than 309.
411 Framboise Charmeuse is a deep plum. It's more purple and less pink than 410, but both lean cool.
412 Grenat Alpaga is a neutral brick burgundy sort of shade. This is also the sort of shade everyone can wear, if you're up for vamping it up.

The Rouge Liquides also have a floral scent, and are not actually matte. I had assumed that the Rouge Liquide would be matte, just because matte liquid lipsticks are all the rage now, but it's more of a cream finish, which in my view is much more wearable. Because it doesn't "dry down" to a dry layer on the lips, it doesn't dry your lips out, but it does run a greater risk of shifting. That said, the pigmentation is really good - these swatches were all one or two swipe, and staying power is good as well.

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