Etude House Cherry Moisture Lip Glow Swatches

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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Etude House Cherry Moisture Lip Glow was launched in January this year, and it's a really cool product! Basically its sort of a cross between a lip oil and a lip gloss, offering both shine, as well as some colour, while claiming to moisturize your lips. I think it'll be a pretty popular product, owing to both the nice feel and colour, as well as that uber-cute packaging - check out the cherry on the tube!

Etude House Cherry Moisture Lip Glow: A cross between a lipgloss and lip oil

Well without further ado, here are swatches!

Etude House Cherry Moisture Lip Glow Swatches Review
Etude House Cherry Moisture Lip Glow Swatches

BL601 looks blue in the tube, and applies as a clear, sliiiightly blue tint, but changes colour to pink. If you're wondering how such lipglosses work, it's just a colour-changing dye, Red 27, that's used.

OR201 is a reddish coral, quite bright in the tube but more sheer going on.

OR202 is an orange/peach shade, and this is definitely more for the warmer-toned ladies out there.

PK001 is a pretty straightforward pink, and it's probably the lightest shade out of the bunch (other than BL601). It's a pretty, light pink, and more of a muted, everyday shade.

RD301 is probably my favourite shade of the bunch, just because it packs a little more punch pigmentation-wise, and is quite universally flattering. It's a simple red shade, and because it's not too bright, and fairly sheer, is very wearable.

Etude House Cherry Moisture Lip Glow Review Swatches
Etude House Cherry Moisture Lip Glow Swatches (at an angle to show the shine)

These are pretty decent, if you are looking for something shiny, moisturizing, not too sticky, and also, with just a little hint of pigment. These are really pretty shiny, as you can see from the above photo, which was taken at a different angle to hopefully show the shine a little better. It's not as sticky as it looks however - it feels more like a lip oil than a tacky lip gloss, which is a plus in my book. It's a good choice if you want something that's a little more interesting than a typical lip oil or lipbalm, with a hint of colour.

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