Su:m37 Water-full CC Cushion Perfect Finish Swatches

Sunday, July 30, 2017

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Su:m37 has finally come to Singapore, with a new outlet in Tangs Orchard, much to the joy of all kbeauty fanatics here! For those who aren't aware, Su:m37 is a luxe Korean beauty brand, with prices that are comparable to other luxe brands, such as SK-II, and the brand's selling point is that their skincare includes lots of natural ingredients, in particular fermented ingredients. The brand has quite the cult following for its skincare items, but I also found that their makeup items also aren't bad.

Su:m37 Water-full CC Cushion Perfect Finish: The brand has finally launched at Tangs

One of the makeup products the brand has brought into Singapore is the Water-full CC Cushion Perfect Finish, which is supposed to be a hydrating cushion foundation that provides a finish that's more on the dewy side. They have 2 shades, both of which I've swatched, alongside my first thoughts.

Sum37 Water-full CC Cushion Perfect Finish Shades
Su:m37 Water-full CC Cushion Perfect Finish Swatches: 01 Clear Beige in the foreground, 02 Natural Beige in the background

The shade range for kbeauty brands can sometimes be a bit narrow, and unfortunately only 2 shades are avaialble, although I have hope that perhaps eventually there may be a couple more shades. The two shades are 01 Clear Beige, and 02 Natural Beige.

Sum37 Water-full CC Cushion Perfect Finish Swatches
Su:m37 Water-full CC Cushion Perfect Finish Swatches: 01 Clear Beige and 02 Natural Beige

As you can see, 01 Clear Beige is a light neutral beige, and a decent, if not exact, match for my NC20 skin. 02 Natural Beige is a medium warm beige, and would probably be a good match for skintones in the range of NC25 to NC30.

Sum37 Water-full Swatches CC Cushion Perfect Finish
Su:m37 Water-full CC Cushion Perfect Finish Swatches: 01 Clear Beige and 02 Natural Beige

Above, the swatches from an angle, so you can see the finish. As you can see from the swatches, the finish is slightly dewy, but not overly shiny or wet-looking, and I think it's actually a pretty great balance between looking dewy and realistic. This is also a great option for a not-entirely-matte finish in hot summer weather. The Su:m37 Water-full CC Cushion Perfect Finish is $67, which does put it a little on the pricier range, but it's a nice cushion if you can afford it.


  1. Hi. This is may be out of context but may I ask if you have tried to review Estée Lauder's DW liquid foundation? If so, I'd like to know how it is used without caking.

    Another question about skin: I read from other posts that you had acne problems. I am thirty-ish years old and still have problems with acne (which I know Ian partly due to hormonal imbalance) and because of acne, I have textured facial skin (with blemishes and ice pick marks). I have tried most solutions based on dermatologist recommendations: derma roller (not effective), laser (not effective), anothe reform of stronger laser (not effective too), and a session of peeling (acid). I want to know if you have this experience too and were you able to solve it? If so, what did you do?



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