RMK Makeup Spring/Summer 2017 Swatches: Color Change Collection

Sunday, February 5, 2017

RMK's Spring/Summer 2017 Color Change makeup collection is officially launched, and I come bearing swatches! This makeup collection also coincides with RMK's 20th anniversary, and RMK's Creative Director, Kaori, selected the two shades of pink and beige to head up the Color Change collection, as they are integral to any make up look. The number of products in this collection is also pretty large - there are 6 eyeshadow duos, 6 lipgloss duos, 7 lipstick shades, and 7 blush shades, and 6 nail polish shades. So you can imagine my arm after all that swatching!

This isn't even half of RMK's Spring/Summer makeup!

RMK isn't kidding when they say the collection is made up of pinks and beiges - literally every product here is in pink and/or beige, and basically pinks and beiges make up like 95% of the collection. RMK also has a nice quality of makeup, with generally soft textures, and buildable pigmentation, allowing the products to be applied sheerly or packed on for more colour, and this collection does fall quite nicely in line with the quality in the standard RMK products.

RMK 2017 Color Change Face Pop Creamy Cheeks
RMK Face Pop Creamy Cheeks

First, we'll swatch the Face Pop Creamy Cheeks. These are 4 shades of cream blush, in varying shades of pink, from very light barely-pink off-white, to brighter doll pinks. The texture on these isn't heavy or sticky, but has a soft texture, dries down quite fast and is pretty blendable. Pigmentation on these starts off sheer, but you can build them up, as I did in the swatches below.

RMK 2017 Color Change Face Pop Creamy Cheeks Swatches
RMK Face Pop Creamy Cheeks Swatches

01 Silver Pink is the "barely pink off white" shade I was talking about - this is probably a highlighter shade on me (NC20-ish shade), and definitely one for the fairer girls. It would probably just show up as white on darker skintones.
02 Pale Pink is also a pretty pale pink shade, again for fairer skintones. This one just shows up as pink on me, but might be problematic on darker skintones.
03 Strawberry Pink is a light pastel pink, that would be quite flattering on most lighter skintones.
04 Hot Pink is a nice cool-toned pink, but I wouldn't call it "hot pink" in that it's not neon or overly bright. This is actually a very wearable shade, especially if sheered down. This one would look good on darker skintones. All of the shades have some shimmer in them, but this shade has the most obvious shimmer.

RMK 2017 Color Change Face Pop Powder Cheeks
RMK Face Pop Powder Cheeks

Accompanying the Face Pop Cream Cheeks are the Face Pop Powder Cheeks, which, as the name suggests, are shades of powder blush, this time in beige. Again, these are sheer bug buildable - I definitely had to layer them a few times for the swatches. So if any of them look too brown or orange in the swatches, don't worry too much, they'll turn out just fine on the cheek. All of these have shimmer, but it's more of a fine shimmer, rather than OTT glitter.

RMK 2017 Color Change Face Pop Powder Cheeks Swatches
RMK Face Pop Powder Cheeks Swatches

01 Soft Brown is a nice neutral tan shade, This isn't really the deep chocolate contour brown you might expect, but as a tan shade is definitely more blush/bronzer than contour. It would work as a nude blush sheered out.
02 Soft Coral is a light coral tan. This is a warm-toned shade, and a good option for fairer skins looking for something to warm up their complexion without accidentally looking muddy.
03 Natural Brown is also another neutral tan, but lighter than Soft Brown.

RMK 2017 Color Change Face Pop EYes
RMK Face Pop Eyes

The Face Pop Eyes are the eyeshadow duos, and there is a pink in every single one. Most of the shades have some shimmer in them, although it's not chunky glitter, but fine shimmer. You'll also notice a few surprise taupes in there! Pigmentation is buildable, although the darker shades tend to have really nice pigemntation, while the lighter shades require more building up.

RMK 2017 Color Change Face Pop Eyes Swatches
RMK Face Pop Eyes Swatches

01 Silver Gold Beige consists of a light pink and a light vanilla shade, both with pretty obvious glitter. Although this is an eyeshadow duo, I would totally use this as a highlighter/blush combination, too!
02 Golden Soft Beige consists of a light pink, and a light golden tan. This would be a nice "pop of pink on the lids" shade, with the golden tan serving as a shade to contour the eye area. I would also secretly use this as a blush/contour duo, just because I can imagine the shades being used that way.
03 Red Brown Beige is probably a duo best suited for warmer skintones. As the name suggests, the ruddy tones in the "red brown" tan shade would look orangey on anyone with very cool undertones. The pink is a sweet neutral pastel pink though, just like in the other eyeshadow duos.
04 Deep Brown Beige has a pink with glitter, and a really lovely chocolate brown that would be a nice neutral. The shimmer in the chocolate brown is quite subdued, which is a good counterpart to the more glittery pink.
05 Natural Brown - remember what I said about surprise taupes? Well, surprise! This duo pairs a sparkly pink with a really lovely light taupe, and as a taupe lover this is one of my favourite duos out of the 6. The taupe in this has a really nice consistency too, and has slight shimmer.
06 Silver Mauve Beige - again, surprise! This is more of a plummy purple grey taupe, and is really gorgeous. The swatches here kind of make it look a bit boring, but it's a very lovely cool-toned deep purple grey taupe, a la MAC's Satin Taupe. This is obviously also one of my favourites!

RMK 2017 Color Change Face Pop Lips Matte
RMK Face Pop Matte Lips and Face Pop Lips

Now, we swatch the lipsticks! There are actually 2 lipstick finishes here, the Face Pop Matte Lips, which consist of 3 matte shades of pink, and the Face Pop Lips, which consist of 4 glossy shades of beige and nudes. The texture on these is very nice - the mattes are not too drying or matte, and the glossy finishes do feel quite emollient. These all have good pigmentation. There is also no glitter in these lipsticks, which is a plus for me.

RMK 2017 Color Change Face Pop Lips Matte Swatches
RMK Face Pop Matte Lips and Face Pop Lips Swatches

01 Pure Pink is a midtone pink, with fairly neutral undertones. It's a very pretty pink.
02 Rose Pink is also a midtone pink, simialar to Pure Pink, but this one has a warmer undertone.
03 Holographic Sheer Pink was a little confusing for me, as I didn't really see that much of a very obvious holographic effect - perhaps the shimmer is a lot more subtler than I expected. But nonetheless, this is a pretty cool-toned pink, similar to Pure Pink, but with a cooler undertone.

01 Coral Pink is a very light, nude coral. This one would probably look best on fair, warm skintones.
02 Natural Beige is a light neutral nude. This one would look nice on a variety of undertones, but I think because it's a pretty pale shade, it was probably created with fairer skins in mind.
03 Mode Beige - this is definitely the most daring shade to wear in the entire collection, just because true beiges with no pink at all in them are kind of hard to wear on the lips, and to be honest, this shade just wouldn't look good on me at all (perhaps a braver soul would look better in it!). This one is definitely for those who want to make a statement.
04 Red Beige is actually a very pretty MLBB shade, despite the "red" in the name. Out of the entire collection's lipsticks, I think this is probably the most universally flattering and the most wearable. If you're looking at the lipsticks and can't decide which one to go for, this would be my personal pick.

RMK 2017 Color Change Face Pop W Stick Gloss
RMK Face Pop W Stick Gloss

The Face Pop W Stick Gloss are dual-ended lipglosses, and in keeping with the colour themes, each gloss has one pink and one beige end. The glosses have medium pigmentation, and also have a really shiny finish. There are also varying levels of glitter in the glosses - some shades have quite large glitter, while others have none. So there's something for everyone here.

RMK 2017 Color Change Face Pop W Stick Gloss Swatches
RMK Face Pop W Stick Gloss Swatches

01 Romantic Sparkle is definitely the duo for those who like their lipgloss sparkly. There's a sheer glittery pink (which swatches like clear glitter on me), and a sheer glittery beige tan shade.
02 Lollipop Girl consists of a cool-toned light pink with some shimmer, together with a peach tan, also with some shimmer. These are less sheer than Romantic Sparkle.
03 Tea Time Dream has no glitter in either shade, and consists of a neutral light pink, with a brown beige (emphasis here on the brown). Again, the brown beige here isn't really a shade that would look good on me, but perhaps someone else would work it.
04 Glam Glitter is probably my favourite out of the lipgloss duos, and it consists of a lovely rose pink shade that is quite universally flattering, together with a fairly sheer glittery beige shade.

RMK 2017 Color Change Nail Polish
RMK Nail Colour EX

Lastly, the nail polishes! I didn't swatch these, because nail polish swatches on the arm wouldn't make much sense, but the colours in these are pretty nice. There isn't a dud here, or a shade that I think is unwearable. My personal favourite is EX-68 Sheer Dark Beige, which is a very nice mushroomy-taupe shade that looks really chic. The rest of the collection consists of very office-friendly, wearable beiges and pinks, so EX-68 stands out a bit more to me.


  1. WOW, that's a lot of swatches. Every time I thought I was at the end, there was more. THANK YOU for doing this.

  2. That Soft Coral blush is so pretty! It would make such a great everyday blush, particularly if you want something really subtle to go with a smoky or red lip.



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