Makeup Empties: Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Lipstick, Liptint, Powder

Sunday, November 6, 2016

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In addition to the skincare empties that I blogged about, I've also actually emptied some makeup! I'm particularly happy about my makeup empties, because it typically takes me longer to use up a makeup item than a skincare item. Anyway,

Makeup empties accumulated over the past few months!

This time round I've got some staples - like my Coastal Scents loose powders - as well as some new appearances! Most of these are products I love and would totally use again, and as we go through each of these items, I'll explain why.

Makeup Empties Powder Lipstick Liptint Eyeshadow  Eyeliner Etude House MAC URban Decay Stila Ulta Milani Coastal Scents
Makeup empties: Lipstick, liptint, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and powder!

Without further ado, let's get started!

Makeup Empties MAC Etude House Lipstick Liptint Covergirl
Lip product empties: Lipstick and liptint

First, let's start with the lip products. I have a MAC Sweetie Lipstick, which was one of my first ever lipstick purchases from MAC waaaay back when I was in University. And I actually swatched it here once comparing it to another lipstick shade, GOSH Bourgogne, which I also used up and featured in an empties post. It's a lovely medium pinky-plum with silver shimmer and a nice sheen to it, and it's a great everyday shade for cooler-toned ladies.

The next lipstick I used up is Covergirl Blushbertry Trushine, which I've had since...a long, long, long time ago. (It's featured in one of my very first few blogposts, haha.) If this looks familiar, it's because I bought multiple backups of the same lipstick when it was being discontinued, and have been using my backups, one by one. So it's been in an empties post from 2015, in another post from 2015, and in this empties post from 2014. It's such a gorgeous shade, and I got compliments wearing it, but since it's been discontinued for quite a few years now, there isn't much point in me going into too much detail, haha. But this is my last backup, and I'll so miss the Trushines!

Lastly, my Etude House Color Pop Lip Tint in #08 Berry Pop, which I've reviewed before on my blog, and gave it a rave review, because I love this! This is a slightly bright cool-toned pinky-plum shade, and it has a nice shiny glaze-like finish too. I've also gotten compliments while wearing this, and I have two backups that I'm still planning on using! So yes, I totally would buy this again and again.

Makeup Empties Eyeshadow  Eyeliner Stila Ulta Milani Urban Decay
Eye makeup empties: Eyeshadow and eyeliner

Now let's look at eye makeup! I've used up my first ever eyeliner - the Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Rockstar. For once, this is actually still available to buy on the Urban Decay website, so yay me for using up something that hasn't been discontinued yet! I know eyeliners can be a YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) kinda thing, where different brands work differently on different people, but the Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliners are probably one of the best ones I've tried. They glide on without tugging your eyelid, they "set" fast and stay on (mostly) throughout the day, and they don't harden and dry up quickly at all - in fact this eyeliner that I've used to a stub was originally a full-sized pencil, and it was every bit as smooth the last day as the day I got it. Rockstar is a deep eggplant purple shade without any glitter, and is a great alternative to black if straight-up black is too harsh.

I've also used up another Milani Snow Frost Eyeshadow, which I emptied another one of a couple of years back. This is another one of those discontinued products that I've stocked up on, and I probably still have a couple more backups left. Back in the day, this was supposed to be a dupe of MAC's Vanilla Pigment, which is why I bought multiples of it when it was discontinued. I do think MAC's Vanilla Pigment is a bit more obvious in terms of shimmer level, though, but this is kinda-sorta-maybe good enough as a generally similar shade.

I've also used up a Stila eyeshadow, but I honestly for the life of me cannot remember what this colour is, and between the time I took this photo and the time I blogged about my empties, I threw away the pan, so I unfortunately can't retrieve it and look at it. It looks like a taupe of some kind, however, which would be perfectly typical of me.

Lastly, I've used up my Ulta Naked Eyeshadow, which I've also used up one of before. It's a matte ivory shade, and great for highlighting the browbone, or as an all-over eye brightening shade, so it's a great basic shade that I've found handy to keep around in my stash. I've featured this shade on a number of FOTDs and posts throughout the years, so if you search my blog for "Ulta Naked" you'll probably get all the posts pulled up.

Makeup Empties Powder Coastal Scents
Loose powder empties: Shimmer powder

Lastly, powder! You may remember my Coastal Scents haul from last year, and yes, I stocked up on a lot of filler powders for DIY loose powder then. Since then, I've been slowly but surely using up the powders I've bought bit by bit, as I mix batches of my own DIY loose powder, like in this empties post from 2015, and this empties post from 2016. These two powders are Coastal Scents Boron Nitride 16 and Boron Nitride 30, which are both shimmery filler powders, the kind you often find in highlighters and powders of that sort. Boron Nitride 30 has a larger particle size than Boron Nitride 16, and is thus the more shimmery of the two. I mix them up with some silica powder and other fillers, and tada! DIY loose powder.

So that's my makeup empties! I'll be back in a few more months with more of what I've panned and emptied!


  1. I, too, miss the TrueShines. I let one go a couple of years ago in a de-stashing. It was a perfect nude shade for my skintone and sheer enough to put on without a mirror.


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