MAC Flamingo Park Swatches and First Impression

Thursday, March 10, 2016

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The MAC Flamingo Park Collection is the brand's first Spring 2016 makeup launch, and it was recently launched here. I happened to be at the store during the launch, and I managed to get swatches of the products for you! It was quite an ordeal swatching the products, because it was very crowded in the store, with people buzzing around and swarming around the collection testers, so I'm happy to have swatched everything I could!

MAC Flamingo Park Collection

But before we move on to the swatches proper, I'd like to mention that the lighting in the swatches might be a bit lacking due to the fact that these were all swatched in-store.

Also, as you can see from the above photo of the Flamingo Park setup, it seems like for some reason the collection differs slightly here in Singapore. Not all the "official USA" shades were displayed in the Flamingo Park Collection display, and some permanent shades were put in the display as part of the Flamingo Park Collection although they didn't appear in the US version of the shade lineup. I'm not too sure why this is the case, but in any case, I've just done my best to swatch everything that was on display, so any incongruency with what was launched in the US is just due to whatever was in the display in the store.

MAC Flamingo Park Swatches Cremesheen Glass Lipgloss
MAC Flamingo Park Collection Cremesheen Glass Swatches

First, we start with the Cremesheen Glass swatches. These are quite nicely pigmented, with the exception of one shade, and have a very shiny, glass-like finish.

Look Who’s Here! is described by MAC as a "soft pink with blue pearl", but on my skin it was more of a sheer coral-pink nude shade. Very wearable.
Such Sweeties is a "pastel baby pink" according to MAC, and that's accurate, but I would add the adjective "super-sheer" in front of it. The shade doesn't show up too much on my skin.
Sweet Tooth is described as a "warm mid-tone pink" and I would say that's accurate enough. To me it is a pink with a bunch of coral in it, moderately bright, and quite wearable.
Petite Indulgence is described as a "bright blue-pink", and this is my favourite out of all the lipsticks I swatched. It's a moderately bright cool-toned pink.

Unfortunately I didn't see Playful Petal - I don't think it was even in the display.

MAC Flamingo Park Swatches Lipsticks
MAC Flamingo Park Collection Lipstick Swatches

Next, lipsticks! There are quite a few droolworthy shades here, in my humble opinion. And most of these have a matte finish, and really nice pigmentation - I believe all these lipsticks are just one swatch each.

Please Me is what MAC calls a "muted rosy-tinted pink", and I think that's about right - it's a nice safe rose-brown-nude shade, and very safe for work. This would be quite flattering on a variety of skintones.
Silly is described as a "bright white-pink", and it does have this slightly neon quality to it, and is a nice bright warm pink.
Be Silly is described as a "hot fuchsia pink", and that's pretty much accurate, since to my eye it is a cooltoned, intense magenta pink.
Have Your Cake is a "bright magenta", and to me it's a cooltoned magenta plum. I'm not sure if you can see the difference between this and Be Silly, as both colours do have similarities, but Have Your cake is more purple and darker than Be Silly.
Saint Germain is described as a "clean pastel pink", and this is one of the pretty famous MAC shades for its unique hue. It's a pastel bright Barbie pink, and one of those shades that doesn't quite work for me, but looks so fabulous on other girls.
Long Legged & Fabulous is a "soft baby pink", but to be honest I don't quite see as much pink in there as the name suggests. On me it is a creamy warm pale nude.
Nice to Meet You is described as a "deep pink-red", and that's accurate. To me this is a wearable red with a fairly neutral undertone.
Flocking Fabulous is a "bright coral-red", and yup, that's exactly how I'd describe it. It is still quite wearable, though, despite the brightness.

MAC Flamingo Park Swatches Blushes
MAC Flamingo Park Collection Blush Swatches

And blushes I left out Sunny Surprise in this photo, because the tester kept getting hogged by other people, haha. Don't worry, it appears in the next photo!

Pearl Blossom is a Beauty Powder, so it's not quite a blush. It's described as a "light pink with silver pearlized pigments", and that's accurate. It reallly is a nice wearable pale pink, great for giving a bit of glow to any blush shade.
Life’s a Picnic is described as a "hot reddish pink", but to me it is an intense bright coral pink with a hint of neon-ness.
Pink Swoon is a "soft yellow baby-pink", and this is a gorgeous colour. I do think it is more neutral (rather than yellow) in undertone, though. This and Pearl Blossom are probably my favourite blush shades. This is definitely a wearable shade, although it might not show up as much on deeper skintones.
Full Fuschia is one of those shades that's not part of the shade lineup in the US release, but it was sitting in the display in the store. It's described as a "bright intense fuchsia", and yup, that's pretty much it. It is quite neon-y in nature, and a light hand is required for this.
This Could Be Fun is a "soft violet-purple", and is similar to Full Fuschia, but more purple.
Spring Flock is a "light bright coral" that pulls quite peach/salmon on me. It is pretty bright.
Let’s Be Friends, a "blue hot-pink" is quite a bright pink shade, but less purple and cooltoned than Full Fuschia. The difference isn't very obvious initially, but is discernable with a heavier application.

For some reason I didn't see What I Fancy in the shade lineup in store. I'm guessing it got replaced with Full Fuschia.

MAC Flamingo Park Swatches Eyeliners Lip Pencil Beauty Powders
MAC Flamingo Park Collection Eyeliner, Lip Pencil, Beauty Powder Swatchess

Okay, the Beauty Powders are here, as well as the pencil products, the eyeliners and lip pencils!

Raisinette is an eyeliner, and although it's described as a "brown purple", but when I swatched it, it was basically an almost-black purple. I'm not sure if I would be able to tell the difference between this shade and plain ol' black when applied on the eye.
Purple Dash, another eyeliner, an "intense aubergine", is exactly as its name suggests. It's a nice deep, and rich eggplant shade.

Embrace Me is a lip pencil, and it is a "vivid pinkish fuchsia". I pretty much agree with the description here - it's basically a neon-y fuschia pink/
In Synch is described as a "bright yellow pink", but again, the pink doesn't quite show up on me. Instead, I get a light warm beige peach nude shade. I guess this would look more pink on warmer-toned girls.

Sunny Surprise - yes, I managed to finally swatch this! It is described as a "soft peach", and on me it is a light peachy pink, leaning to the peach side.
Pearl Blossom is swatched again here just for comparison's sake.

Sadly I couldn't swatch Chic Trick, I don't think it was part of the display. Sorry!

MAC Flamingo Park Swatches Eyeshadows
MAC Flamingo Park Collection Eyeshadow Swatches

Now for eyeshadows! For some reason, we don't have the 9-shade palette in that particular store I went to. Instead, we have a bunch of single eyeshadows, some which are from the US version of the collection, and one which was not.

Bird’s Eye View is described as a "hot magenta", but on me it was a cooltoned pink with slight sparkle, that actually might look good as a blush.
Flock & Roll is described as a "light pastel pink", and yup, it is a nice neutral light shade of pink.
Sushi Flower is a "pinky coral with pink shimmer", and on me this is a warm coral-red with very pretty sparkle.
Hello There is described as a "soft nude beige", but on me it is a fleshy pink beige on me. The difference between this and Flock & Roll is that this is more beige and less pink.
Corduroy is described as a "muted reddish-brown", but I don't see much red in this at all. On me, it swatches to a nice, pigmented neutral deep brown. This would be fantastic as a crease colour, or even a brow shade.

Sadly, I didn't see the rest of the eyeshadow shades.

MAC Flamingo Park Swatches Pigments
MAC Flamingo Park Collection PIgment Swatches

And finally, the pigments! I've always been a fan of MAC's Pigments (some of the shades in my pigment collection go way back), so I'm always pretty excited by pigment shades. Again, this is where I see some difference between what we have and what the US has.

Neo Orange is described as an "intense neon salmon", and yup. That's basically it!
Golden Olive is described as a "high frosted green-gold", and I think that's about right. This is a warm golden olive green with gold shimmer, and really pretty. It can be worn by itself as an eyeshadow..
Magenta Madness is described as an "intense neon blue pink", and yes, it is a really bright neon pink magenta shade.


  1. Oh my!!! They are sooo tempting!!!! I just can't resist. I will checking on these :)


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