Etude House Bling Me Prism Swatches: Color in Liquid Lips and Eyeshadow

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Etude House's Bling Me Prism collection has just been released here in September, and these are very summery bright pops of colour! Two of the products that seem to be getting a lot of attention are the Bling Me Prism Eyes, which are cream eyeshadows, as well as the Bling Me Prism Color in Liquid Lips, which are a lipgloss-liptint hybrid.

Etude House Bling Me Prism Color in Liquid Lips: 5 new shades

As is always the case with Etude House, the packaging for this is uber-cute, and super girly and princess-y to boot. I'm not sure if the shades are added to the permanent collection, but the packaging is usually a limited edition thing. So if you're eyeing any of the items for the packaging, you probably might want to get them earlier, rather than later.

Etude House Bling Me Prism Eyes
Etude House Bling Me Prism Eyes: A cream eyeshadow in 5 shades

Anyway, enough of my chatter - let's get to the swatches!

Etude House Bling Me Prism Eyes Shades
Etude House Bling Me Prism Eyes: 5 shades with a doe foot applicator

There are 5 shades of Bling Me Prism Eyes, and most of the shades are warm, although there is a neutral shimmery pearl white shade, and a deep cooltoned brown. These have a metallic finish for the most part, and come in a tube with a doefoot applicator.

Etude House Bling Me Prism Eyes Swatches
Etude House Bling Me Prism Eyes Swatches

#01 Honey Clam is a warm shimmery bronzey brown with a metallic-looking finish. It looks like a copper penny.
#02 Sunny Carat is a tangerine orange shade with a shimmery finish. This is also a warmtoned shade, and very summery.
#03 Darling Heart is a warm pink shade with a metallic finish. It's pretty bright, and almost looks like a lipcolour.
#04 Pearlfect is a very shimmery metallic white with visible sparkles inside. This would be great in the inner corner of your eye, or on the browbone. This would be a workhorse shade for me - I could imagine using this (lightly!) as a base eyeshadow.
#05 Bling Bold is perhaps my favourite shade in the bunch. It is a lovely cooltoned deep brown with the slightest hint of taupe and a gorgeous shimmery finish. Great for blending out for a smokey eye.

Etude House Bling Me Prism Eyes Smudged
Etude House Bling Me Prism Eyes: Smudged out after dry for demonstration

Although the Bling Me Prism Eyes come in a cream eyeshadow format, and have a doefoot applicator, I was told that for best effect, you should wait until the shadows are dry and then blend them out - and ideally, you should apply the shadow on the back of your hand, wait for it to dry up a bit, and then use your fingers or a brush to pick up the product, and then smudge it out on your lids. The rationale for this is that it makes the shadows easier to blend by giving you more time (i.e. wait for them to dry, then blend and take all the time you want, rather than rush to blend before they dry). So I tried smudging my swatches after they were dry, and as you can see above, they do smudge out. Either way though, I managed to smudge my eyeshadows whichever way I wanted, so I don't think application is that big a deal here.

Etude House Bling Me Prism Color in Liquid Lips Tubes
Etude House Bling Me Prism Color in Liquid Lips: One of the 5 shades is apparently a "holographic" shade

The Etude House Bling Me Prism Color in Liquid Lips consist of 5 new shade additions to the Color in Liquid Lips range, which I've reviewed before. The new shades are of very similar texture and quality to the permanent shades, so if you already like the existing Color in Liquid Lips range, chances are you'll be a fan of the new additions too. The main difference with the Bling Me Prism additions is the cute limited edition packaging, and the presence of a supposedly "holographic" shade.

Etude House Bling Me Prism Color in Liquid Lips Swatch
Etude House Bling Me Prism Color in Liquid Lips Swatches

PK010 Bling in Pink Beam is a bright warm pink with a slight hint of coral.
PK011 Star in Pink Light is a magenta pink with a cool undertone that is also pretty bright.
PK012 Hologram in Jewel is sheer, which is unlike the other shades which have fairly good coverage. It also is the "hologram" shade that is unique to the Bling Me Prism collection. Unfortunately it's not quite holographic in the true sense of the word (i.e. with rainbow-like reflects), but it does have some very pretty gold and lavender shimmer in a pink base. This can be worn alone or layered over a lipstick for extra dimension.
RD303 Ruby Ring in Red is a bright fire engine red.
OR206 Spangle in Coral is a coral shade that's quite orange, and also pretty warmtoned.

The Bling Me Prism Eyes retail for SGD$11.90 each, and the Bling Me PRism Color in Liquid Lips retail for SGD$17.90, making them inexpensive and and worth getting if you like the colour range.

(Product was sent for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. Awesome swatches! I would have loved to see the holographic shade on your lips though, it's such an unusual shade!

  2. They look pretty and almost all of them are pigmented.. Really nice review.. :) wait for your fotd using this.. :)

  3. OMG!!! They are soooo cute! Lovely colors and unique packaging indeed.

  4. The lip products are very cute. They remind me of the ones from the Body Shop. I don't know if they still make them but they had cartoon lip designs on them too.

  5. woah so pigmented!i love pink beam the most!
    tbh,the packaging kinda remind me of monomola lip tattoo esp the lip's illustration kkk!
    but after all,etude house's packaging never fail to impress me :)


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