Vecua Honey Honey Luster Lipgloss Swatches

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

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Vecua Honey is a Japanese brand that is sort of like a cuter, girlier, Asian version of Burt's Bees. Both brands have makeup, skincare, and body care products, both brands have a natural angle, and both brands feature bees and their byproducts prominently in their advertising. For instance, their latest line of lipglosses, the Honey Luster Lip Gloss, is marketed as being part honey serum, part lipgloss.

As it so happens, I've just reviewed a product that also featured another bee by-product, propolis, as its key ingredient. I swear it's coincidence. I didn't plan it, but after the science and research-heavy skincare post, I felt like a swatch post was next, just to give me a breather. It just so happened that the swatches were of another honey product, so that part was coincidental.

Vecua Honey Honey Luster Lipgloss in Honey

Anyway, the lipglosses are quite cool-looking when you first get them - they are dual-phase, so there is a yellow-gold layer of honey serum on the top half, and the bottom half is the lipgloss colour. Of course, as you use the lipgloss, the two phases get mixed together, until in the end you get just one homogenous phase throughout. The price of the lipgloss also isn't cheap - in Westgate's Tokyu Hands shop, the pricetag was SGD$51.40 for a lipgloss, which gave me sticker shock. On the Vecua Honey website, however, it lists the price as SGD$48.

Vecua Honey Honey Luster Lipgloss in Honey, Honey Dew Pon Pon Cheek and Solid Perfume

Vecua Honey also has a range of other makeup products - above is a small blush and a solid perfume, in addition to the Honey Luster Lipgloss (the shade I have is Honey). And like Burts Bees, the products are also often advertised to have some botanical or bee-product ingredients inside. Anyway, on to the swatches!

Vecua Honey Honey Luster Lipgloss Display

I swatched 11 colours, but they have more - I think including the limited edition colours (Sakura, Honey, Ichigo) they have 18 shades altogether.

Vecua Honey Honey Luster Lipgloss Swatches
Vecua Honey Honey Luster Lipgloss Swatches

Ichigo is a sheer strawberry red, and when I say sheer, I mean very sheer. There is no shimmer in this shade.
Honey is a rich yellow gold in the tube, and it basically goes on colourless. Also no shimmer in this - it's basically a clear gloss.
Sakura is another very sheer shade, and is a sheer warm pink without shimmer.
03 Amaryllis is a warm pink shade with shimmer.
04 Tangerine is a tangerine coral orange kinda shade with shimmer.
09 Himeringo is a light neutral pink with shimmer.
10 Mirage is a light pinky plum with shimmer. This is probably my second-favourite shade, because you know I love these pinky plummy shades.
12 Eliza is a light cool-toned pink, again with shimmer.
13 Canna is a warm red with shimmer. It's not too bold as far as reds go though, so this is very wearable for those who just want to dip their toes into the red shade.
14 Lantana is a light coral with shimmer.
15 Clematis is a cool-toned-ish pinky rose shade, and very universally wearable. This has no shimmer, and is my favourite of the lot - I think it could look good on almost anyone.

Generally, the darker shades are more pigmented than the lighter shades (which are shades Ichigo up to 10 Mirage), so if youre looking for something more pigmented, you might want to check out shades 12 Eliza to 15 Clemtis. The lipglosses feel pretty sticky on the arms, but on the lips they feel alright. All the shades have shimmer except Ichigo, Honey, Sakura and 15 Clemantis.

And as a bonus, here's a photo of me wearing my favourite colour, Clematis, at the Vecua Honey event (this photo was previously posted to my Instagram account). I was experimenting with strong brows that day, and I don't think I did it right. But the lipgloss looked great!

Wearing Vecua Honey Honey Luster Lipgloss in 15 Clematis


  1. They sound nice, but one of them is like 10 NYX butter glosses... (Yes, I do all my math in terms of beauty products)


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