Ettusais Heart Cheek Color and Creamy Lip Crayon Valentine's Day 2015 Swatches

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ettusais has launched two shades of blusher and two lip pencils for Valentine's Day, and as might be expected, both are limited edition.This consists of two blushes, the Heart Cheek Color, as well as two shades of Creamy Lip Crayon, both in shades of pink and orange.

Ettusais Heart Cheek Color and Creamy Lip Crayon

Let's go on to the swatches and my quick thoughts on them!

Ettusais Heart Cheek Color Creamy Lip Crayon Valentines Day Swatches
Ettusais Heart Cheek Color and Creamy Lip Crayon Swatches

Heart Cheek Color in Pink and Apricot - the Pink shade is a nice, light sheer baby pink with shimmer, while the Apricot shade is a sheer apricot with shimmer, These are fairly basic shades that are suitable for fairer girls, owing to the lightness of the colours and the pigmentation level.

Creamy Lip Crayon in Pink and Orange - the Pink shade is definitely my favourite, because it's a very wearable muted everyday type of pink. Not too bright, not too pale. The Orange shade, meanwhile is a cream soda kind of orange, and, while out of my personal comfort zone, is wearable if you like these sort of shades.

The Heart Cheek Colors are pretty sheer, even when you take into consideration the fact that Asian brands tend to have blushes that are somewhat sheerer than Western brands due to differing consumer preferences. Definitely one of the sheerer blushes I've seen, but on the bright side, it will be pretty hard to overdo them. Another plus is that while the blushes have a bit of shimmer, it's not overdone, or too much. A final thing to note is that the Heart Cheek Color blushes are pretty small - they're closer to the size of a large eyeshadow (larger than a MAC eyeshadow pan, but smaller than a Stila eyeshadow pan) than a blush. But, man, they are oh so cute!

The Creamy Lip Crayons have a nice texture, and go on pretty smoothly. They are also pigmented enough to show up on your lips. Both colours are pretty wearable, and the finishes are smooth and creamy, without any glitter or shimmer. These are of pretty good quality, and quite worth picking up.

The Heart Cheek Color retails for SGD$33, and the Creamy Lip Crayon retails for SGD$23.


  1. Last year I bought the rose blush limited edition. Too cute to use it :-) I'll pass on these this year. I tried them at the store and it's bit too much shimmer for my very pale face.

  2. I love Ettusais products! The Apricot blush looks divine.

    Miriam || happiness comes from


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