MUFE Rouge Artist Lipstick Swatches and First Impressions

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Make Up For Ever (often abbreviated to MUFE), has expanded its Rouge Artist Lipstick lines with four new colours, and of course I just had to shamelessly swatch them for you guys - because that's what a beauty blogger does!

The 4 new additions to MUFE's Rouge Artist Lipstick range: 51, 52, N51 and N52

51 Playful Pink and 52 Rebellious Red are new shades to the Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick range, which features full-pigmentation lipsticks with a creamy (but non-shimmery) finish. Meanwhile N51 Naughty Nude and N52 Coral Confident are part of the Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick range, which features a more moisturizing formula, but is also more sheer (although with MUFE, sheer is a relative thing, certainly you can build even their Natural lipsticks up to near opacity with just a couple of coats).

Yes, I've posted about these lipsticks already on Instagram!

Without further ado, here are the swatches. 51 Playful Pink is a more Nicki-Minaj-esque kind of pastel cool-toned bubblegum pink, which might be a bit hard to pull off for some warm-toned girls. 52 Rebellious Red is a chili red that's ever-so-slightly warm-leaning. 51N Naughty Nude is a rather interesting salmon-pink-coral shade (I didn't really know how to describe it, sorry). N52 Coral Confident is similar to N51 in that it's also a beige-ish pink, but it's slightly more pink and slightly less coral.

MUFE Rouge Artist Lipsticks Swatches 51 52 N51 N52
Swatches of the MUFE Rouge Artist Lipsticks: 51, 52, N51 and N52

My first impressions of these when swatching are that they are pretty much like the other MUFE lipsticks that I have - which is to say, the quality is excellent as usual. I believe I've stated my opinion that MUFE is one of the few brands with excellent products across the board a few times on this blog before - in my experience, pretty much every MUFE product I've tried has been good, and chances are, if you throw a rock at an MUFE display, the product it hits is probably pretty good, too. I hope to review these soon, if I get around to it!


  1. Ohh, N51 and N52 are right up my alley! I've never tried any MUFE lipsticks, is it a hydrating formula?

    1. @CollectiveBeauty: Yes the lipsticks starting with N (including N51 and N52) are more moisturizing in feel. They're not exactly like a lipbalm because these are lipsticks first and foremost, but they have a pretty good texture for lipsticks. Hope this helps!

  2. Love how pigmented they are, but those two peachy ones are so similar it seems kinda unnecessary of them to have made two lol

  3. Thank you for swatching these! Rebellious Red and Coral Confident both look like they belong in my shopping cart, lol! :)


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