Cirque Bejeweled: Deep Blue Holographic Polish!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summer is officially here in Singapore (it's really very hot!) and with the heat, means holographic polishes! You guys know how much I love my holos, so I thought I'd show you one more holo that I'm loving right now! This is Cirque Bejeweled. Doesn't it just look so lovely?

Cirque Bejeweled: A deep blue holographic nail polish.

Cirque is one of the indie brands that I've gotten into lately. They're a little pricey, like indies tend to be. I tend to buy my Cirques from either Mei Mei Signatures or Luxola. Between the two, Luxola is more pricey, so if I'm buying from there I only ever wait until they have a 30% or larger discount (at which point the price would be the same as Mei Mei Signatures). Both have free shipping, so it just depends on which site carries the colour I want, and which site has it cheaper.

Cirque Bejeweled 1
Cirque Bejeweled: The blue is deeper than in the photos shown, it's more navy than bright blue.

Cirque Bejeweled is actually deeper than the shade shown here - I was trying to get sunlight to bounce off my nails so that you can see the holo effect, and it was a bit of a fail. But anyway, the oclour is a bit more like a navy - it's visibly blue even in low lights, and doesn't look black, but it's not exactly bright cobalt blue either. The holo in this is scattered, and it's not as awesomely linear as some of the old China Glazes I have. But, it's pretty, and I don't believe I have a holo blue shade yet. So it's a welcome addition to my stash!

Cirque Bejeweled 2
Cirque Bejeweled: Smooth application with two coats of medium thickness.

What you see here is two coats, with topcoat. Application was nice and smooth, like the other Cirques I own. The Cirque polishes I have are on the thin side, but cover well with two coats. As usual, when applying holos, one of my favourite tips is to let each coat dry before applying the next one. If you apply a second coat while the first is still wet, you might end up having very patchy application.

Cirque Bejeweled 3
Cirque Bejeweled: Can you see the scattered holographic rainbow bouncing off the nails?

I really like this colour - my nails do kind of look "bejeweled" with it on - like a pretty blue gem that reflects the light. I know blue isn't everyone's favourite nail colour, but I love it and it looks stunning on!

Recommended? Coverage Application Brush Colour Lasting Power
Yes 8/10 8/10 8/10 8/108/10
The Bottom Line: A good quality two-coater, Cirque Bejeweled is a deep blue with scattered holo and smooth application.


  1. so perfect nail *-* and color is amazing *-*

    my blog

  2. Its a very pretty nail color indeed! Love the color and the holo effect. I can't wait to try it out.


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