PERFECT Black Eyeliner Pen Review and Swatches

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

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I was recently introduced to PERFECT, a fairly new local beauty brand. Yes, PERFECT is the brand name. Right now, PERFECT only has one product, and that is a black pen eyeliner. I always love trying out new brands and products, so I was happy to review this.

PERFECT Black Eyeliner Pen

The PERFECT Black Eyeliner Pen comes with quite high expectations, I'll admit. After all, right there on the packaging, it touts its own major features of being quick drying, smudgeproof, waterproof, and well, having a perfect tip. So, naturally, I had to put it to the test!

The first thing I noticed about the PERFECT Black Pen Eyeliner is its slim, ergonomic design. The pen barrel, with its cushion pad for fingers, and its pen-like slimness, really reminds me of a writing pen. Apparently, PERFECT took effort to ensure that the pen was ergonomically designed. It is light, and quite comfortable to use. Also, the tip is really precise - just look at the awesome tip it has!

Perfect Black Eyeliner Pen tip

As you can see, this pen really allows you to draw very fine, precise lines. It is quite comfortable to use and hold, because of the ergonomic design.The lines it draws are nice and black - no need to make multiple passes to get the same line to show up. They are also quite fine, although of course you can draw thicker lines too. I even put a ruler next to the swatch lines so you can see how fine it is.

Perfect Black Eyeliner Pen Swatch

The PERFECT Black Eyeliner Pen is supposed to be smudgeproof and waterproof, so I thought I'd put it to the test. Below, you can see the results of a very vigorous smudge test, which is just me rubbing my finger against the swatches. As you can see, it is indeed quite smudgeproof - there is a bit of shifting and fading, but not a lot, given how hard I was rubbing the swatches.

Perfect Black Eyeliner Pen Swatch Rubbed

And now, what about the waterproof test? Below, I ran my swatches under a running tap. And the results are - well, basically there wasn't any product left. This isn't an incorrect random photo - the swatches I made all just got washed away. I repeated this test twice (letting the eyeliner dry fully before testing) because I thought I'd better double-check to be sure, and yup, both times, the eyeliner just went away totally. So smudgeproof? Yes. Waterproof? I'm afraid not so much.

Perfect Black Eyeliner Pen Water

With the results of my two little tests in mind, would I recommend this? I'd say that there are things that recommend this eyeliner: its nice design, its inky blackness, its comfort when using, and the fact that it is fairly smudgeproof. But to be honest, for me personally, a waterproof, or at least fairly water-resistant, eyeliner is a must, because throughout the course of the day I tear and sneeze and blink and all that results in my eyes getting fairly watery throughout the day. So this would totally disappear on me on my lower lash line, although on the upper lash line it is just fine. As a result, this eyeliner unfortunately isn't for me, or for anyone who is looking to wear their eyeliner while exercising or swimming. I suppose, if your eyes aren't very watery, or if waterproof-ness isn't a particularly important trait to you, this will be just fine for you. At $15.80, the price is fairly affordable, too.
Recommended? Pigmentation Texture Application Colour Lasting Power
Only if you don't mind a non-waterproof eyeliner 9/10 7/10 8/10 7/105/10
The Bottom Line: This ergonomic, inky black eyeliner has much to recommend it, but sadly wasn't waterproof on me.

(Product was sent for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. TBH, I prefer brush tip that look like felt tip liners. Sponge felt tips just drag on my skin.


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