Pink, Gold and Brown Eyeshadow Look with Etude House Eyeshadows

Friday, March 7, 2014

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After swatching the Etude House Play Color Eyes Eyeshadow Palettes, I decided that I needed to do an eye look with the palettes immediately. And here you are!

Gold, pink and brown eye look with my Etude House Play Color Eyes Palette in #2 So Chic Play

I used four shades in all for this look, as I wanted to use both the foil-y glittery shades, as well as the mattes, just to see how well they would hold up. I had previously said that I thought this .

For this look, I used (from left to right as shown in the palette photo below) Clutch Brown (brown foil glitter), French Kiss (matte light pink), Sparkling Wine (pink foil glitter), and Leopard Brown (matte deep brown).

Etude House Play Color Eyes Palettes So Chic Play 2 Colour For Eye Look
Etude House Play Color Eyes Palette #2 So Chic Play: Colours I used

I applied Sparkling Wine in the inner eyelid area, Clutch Brown in the outer eyelid area, Leopard Brown in the contour area, and French Pink on the browbone. For some reason I couldn't for the life of me get a 100% colour accurate photo of my eye look, but what you see below is the best I could get. All in all, I thought the shades blended very well together, despite being of different finishes, and had great pigmentation.

Pink Gold Brown Eyeshadow Eye Look 1
Doesn't look like it, but this is gold, pink and brown in real life.

In the photos above and below, you can see a few specks of glitter around my eye area, where some glitter from the metallic glitter eyeshadows resulted in a bit of fallout. I thought this was quite minimal, given that I wasn't using a proper eyeshadow base for this eye look - I was lazy and used my usual undereye concealer, MAC Studio Finish Concealer, as an eyesahdow base. The Studio Finish Concealer was tacky enough for the glitter eyeshadows to adhere to my eyelid, resulting in the sort-of-foiled finish you see below. Now, if I had used a proper based or mixing medium or foiling medium, it would have looked even better! In any case, because of my laziness, there was some fallout, but it was fairly minimal. Pressing on the shadows with a dabbing motion, rather than swiping them across the eyelid also helped.

Pink Gold Brown Eyeshadow Eye Look 2
The metallic eyeshadows had minimal fallout, even though all I used was my concealer, rather than a proper base.

I liked this look because it was quite wearable in real life (I suppose light pink and gold is always a nice pretty combination), yet the addition of the Leopard Brown shade to the outer corner of the eye gave some definition too, I think. I'd definitely wear this again!


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