Valentine's Day Eye Look: Pink and Green Eyeshadow

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine's Day is coming upon us, so in commemoration of what is perhaps the celebration that is most cynically exploited for capitalistic gain, I thought I'd do a little eye look for fun! After all, although I don't celebrate Valentine's Day or bother about it, any excuse to play around with makeup is fine by me.

Pink and Green Eyeshadow for Valentine's Day!

And look at the eyeshadow combination I came up with! I picked pink, because it was a Valentine's-Day-ish colour, and I picked green because it seemed like an interesting way to pair up the green.

For this look, I used MUFE's Arty Blossom Palette, which I've swatched before here. For this look, I used the shades Fresh Pink (the pink shimmer shade), Gold Green (a grass green with shimmer), and Pearly White (a white with shimmer). The shades I used are shown below.

Pink Green Eyesahadow Colours MUFE Arty Blossom Palette
For this look, I used pink, green, and white.

For this look, I placed Fresh Pink on the lid, Gold Green in the contour area, and Pearly White as the highlight. I know it doesn't look too blended in the photo below, but I swear it looks better in real life! I think my camera has this "Un-blend eyeshadow" function, because it seems to consistently make my eyeshadow look less blended than it really is.

Pink Green Eyeshadow Valentines Day 2
Valentine's Day eye look: Pink and green for a mix of sweet and sassy.

In real life, I really liked the look overall. It gives a pop of colour with the Fresh Pink shade, and some interest by contrasting it with the Gold Green shade, but overall both shades are soft enough that the entire look doesn't look like "OMG I have pink and green eyeshadow!". Instead, I thought it looked quite fresh and wearable, and sweet-looking in a way that isn't saccharine or too girly.

Pink Green Eyeshadow Valentines Day 3
Pink and green eyeshadow for Valentine's Day. Yes you can pair pink and green!

The best part about this is that I wore it around for about half a day (one entire afternoon) without primer, and it actually lasted through the afternoon without shifting or fading or otherwise just looking gross as the day went on. ALthough, I do have to caveat that I generally don't have extremely oily eyelids, so your mileage might vary. So I'm actually pretty impressed by the longevity of the shadows. I'm quite happy to have the Arty Blossom Palette, because you can really do a variety of looks with it. I've only done two looks so far, and I feel like the colour combinations are such that I could do a lot more!


  1. That palette has such pretty colours in it.

  2. i looked that palette over and over at Sephora now im seeing this post, makes me wanna buy it lol. And it looks pretty on you :)


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