Chinese New Year Eyeshadow: Gold and Brown (Althought it Looks Orange)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Since Chinese New Year is coming up, I thought I'd show you guys a look I created with one of my favourite palettes of the moment, the MUFE Arty Blossom Palette, which I've reviewed and swatched before.

My Chinese New Year eyeshadow! A wearable, but still festive eye look.

This look was just three colours and some simple blending. Easy-peasy, and it doesn't look too bad either, given my small eyelid space and general lack of makeup skillz, haha!

For this look, I used Pearly White (exclusive to the palette), Gold Beige (also exclusive to the palette), and 122 Metallic Copper (a shade in MUFE's permanent lineup). The photo below shows the colours I used:

Chinese New Year eyeshadow MUFE colours
Colours used for my CNY eye look: Pearly White, Gold Beige, and Metallic Copper.

For placement, I simply put Pearly White on my browbone, Gold Beige on my lid, and 122 Metallic Copper in the contour area. And I blended. And I guess as far as technique goes, that's it! I also lined my lower lashline from outer corner inwards with MUFE Aqua Eyes Eyeliner Pencil in 2L Pearly Brown (okay you can't really see it because it's a thin line), and finished off with Bobbi Brown's No Smudge Mascara.

Chinese New Year eyeshadow 1
My CNY eye makeup: Closed to show placement of colours more clearly.

I quite liked this eye look, except that maybe the contrast between Gold Beige and Metallic Taupe wasn't as great as I thought they would be, so they blended into each other more than expected. Also, the colours pulled a little orange on me (but not as orange as the camera captured them as), because of my skintone. If you are a bit more warm-toned, you would get a much better-looking gold and brown combo. I suppose on the bright side, this gives me an ultra-wearable coppery eye for CNY!

Chinese New Year Eyeshadow 2
My Chinese New Year eye makeup: Another angle, hopefully you can see the different colours?

Anyway, that's my attempt at being a little more festive for CNY! I like how this is gold-ish, coppery, and pretty appropriate for CNY, while still being wearable!


  1. The palette you used looks nice!

  2. I like bronzey shadow looks so this looks great to me!

  3. I love how this looks! I'm going to try this too, you do such amazing eye looks my dear.

  4. Very sophisticated :)

  5. Love it! I so love the colors that you have used. Its light and seem so natural. A must try indeed!


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