Polish Addict Nail Color Jellyfish I: Like Glitter and Snow (and Jellyfish)!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Continuing my thing for indie polishes, today I have to show you another indie polish - Polish Addict Nail Color's Jellyfish I! I bought this from Mei Mei's Signatures sometime back when the brand was on sale. Apparently Jellyfish I is so named because there are multiple Polish Addict Nail Color shades named Jellyfish. There's Jellyfish, Jellyfish I, and Jellyfish II. Looking at other photos and swatches I've seen, they all follow the general formula of a white crelly base that flashes some other shade, and varying colours of contrasting glitter.

Polish Addict Nail Color Jellyfish I: White crelly base with purple and blue glitter bits

Jellyfish I is a white crelly base that flashes gold, and has small round purple and blue glitters in it. It does kind of remind me of jellyfish, but with this season, it being Christmas and all, I'm also vaguely reminded of snow when I look at the nail polish. Snow with bits of dirt and rock in it. Slushy snow.

Polish Addict Nail Color Jellyfish I 1
Polish Addict Nail Color Jellyfish I: Reminds me of jellyfish, reminds me of snow

The polish itself was not difficult to apply. I feel like indie formulas can be rather hit-and-miss - some have great application almost on par with mainstream brands, and some make you feel like application is a losing battle to dab the huge glitter chunks here and there on the right places in your nails. Generally, with Jellyfish I, I felt like I didn't really have to resort to any special powers of polish technique to place the glitter. No major issues with the brush either. What you see is three coats, although I might've gotten away with two.

Polish Addict Nail Color Jellyfish I 2
Polish Addict Nail Color Jellyfish I: Pretty good application, no weird glitter behaviour either!

Weartime on this was average - I was using it with my DIY peel off base coat (aka Elmer's glue) and this lasted about average on me - which is probably four days? I always feel like with certain types of polishes the Elmer's glue base coat shortens the life of my mani, so I can safely assume it would be longer with a normal base coat (I'm guesstimating somewhere between 5-6 days before any major visible faults appear).

Polish Addict Nail Color Jellyfish I 3
Polish Addict Nail Color Jellyfish I: Lovely colour, and overall good application and weartime

So there you have. My early forays into the wide world of indie polishes! I really like this colour, and I think all around, it's a winner - nice girly and dainty colour, good application with no funky glitter or brushes, and decent weartime. So far, I haven't tried too many indie brands (still exploring around) so if anyone has any recommendations, let me know!


  1. What a cool colour! It looks like festive snow :-D

  2. Such a pretty colour! So festive :)


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