The Thing About Applying Face Masks When You Have A Guinea Pig

Friday, October 11, 2013

Last weekend, I tried applying a face mask to relax. And I realized that guinea pigs really influence the effectiveness of your face mask. No, really! As you know, I also now have a guinea pig (I introduced him in this post, but he is a lot bigger now). And I realized that before Blondie joined our family, face mask time was spent applying the face mask, relaxing on my bed/in front of my computer/doing my nails/doing whatever relaxing girly solitary activity I felt like doing. I apply the mask, wait, and wash it off. Like so:

But then, after Blondie came, face mask time became an-extra-half-an-hour-to-sit-around-Blondie's-cage-and-pet-him-and-coo-over-him-or-play-with-him-because-he-just-gave-me-that-cute-begging-look time. So now I apply the mask, scuttle over from the bathroom to wherever Blondie is, pet him/play with him/feed him/whatever Blondie wants. And my mask will start melting off because I'm moving around. And then Blondie will pee (it's quite hard to toilet train guinea pigs, so if you do get one, they may or may not be able to learn where to potty - just sayin'!), so I will have to clean up after him. And pet him some more after that (no point scolding him since you can't potty train him anyway). And then the however-long-period-of-time-I-was-supposed-to-leave-the-mask-on-for will be up, and then I will wash off my face mask. But since I just played with/petted/cleaned up after Blondie, my hands probably shouldn't touch my face. So I will go back to the bathroom, give my hands a good cleaning, and then wash off my face mask (which was already starting to drip off my face because like I said, I've been moving around).

So, what's that about guinea pigs influencing the effectiveness of your face mask? You never sit still enough to let it dry if you're attending to them. And you have to be prepared that your face mask will drip off your face while you're doing so. That's all I really wanted to say today. Obviously I have products to review and beauty trends to write about, but sometimes you just gotta take a step back and enjoy the little things. Including cute little guinea pigs! Sorry if you're not an animal person - regular programming will be back with the next post. Promise!

PS - if you want to see what Blondie looks like now, I have photos of him on my Instagram feed. Because you can't keep a guinea pig who is SO SUPER CUTE without posting a few photos of him. Just not possible. (I now understand parents who post copious pictures of their babies online. I try hard not to do that with my guinea pig. He is kinda like the baby of the house now.) But anyway, here is a photo of Blondie (plucked from my Instagram) anyway, because OMGZ LOOK AT THAT CUTENESS!


  1. I love guinea pigs. I had a whole family of them when I was a child and they are such sweet little critters. Cute post!

  2. OH MY GAHD THAT IS SO CUTE. The map cracked me up hahah

  3. Hahaha your images depicting the process is hilarious. I don't mind people posting photos of their pets because hey, who doesn't appreciate a cute animal? Baby cuteness though is more in the eye of the beholder lol

  4. Your Blondie is such a cute distraction. I haven't had the chance to truy enjoy a sheet mask in like forever. I'm always multi tasking. My son and hubby will both make fun of me when I put it on. Nowadays I only use it when I'm on a getaway with no distractions.

  5. Totally understand your situation!!! I;ve got 2 cats who are usually very low maintenance... until I want some face-mask time... then they have to come sit on me, sniff the mask, divebomb my book... or our elderly cat with kidney issues will have an accident on the floor of the bathroom... which requires cleaning ASAP... so I don't do sheet masks anymore... they just fall off my face the moment I look down at that puddle on the bathroom floor... cream masks work much better... :) Blondie is so adorable! Give that guinea pig an extra carrot!

  6. OMG! :D I LOVE guinea pigs so much. They are the best pets ever!! <3

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