Vanity Trove is now Customizable: Choose Your Beauty Box Samples!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

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I know that some of you must be tired of beauty boxes by now. For me, the concept just started getting a bit old - from one box service to the next, there wasn't much differentiation. Sure each box promises to send you a bunch of beauty samples every month, but over time I was starting to feel that honestly, there wasn't much value-add to the boxes - sometimes the samples weren't quite what I wanted, and sometimes the mix of samples seemed random.

Fortunately, Vanity Trove, one of the local beauty boxes, has launched a new website and new features. Most importantly, you now have the ability to customize your own Trove. This means that yes, you get to pick your own samples! I actually just picked my samples for next month's Trove, and there are some pretty cool things in there! Some really awesome full-sized products (including products from Isabella Smith, Phyto and Blumarine), and some generous sample sizes (e.g. 75ml kind of size, not just sachets). You will then get your box in 7 working days (so whenever you pick your samples, you will get your box in a week, rather than waiting for a month for standardized samples).

The range of samples that you get to pick from is partly determined by your beauty profile, which uses information like skin type and colour to provide a range of samples from which you can pick to populate your Vanity Trove for the month. My understanding is that the samples are picked on a first-come-first-served basis, so if you're keen, you should quickly login and pick your samples now, and fill out your beauty profile to avoid disappointment!

There is also a product reviews section that looks interesting, and you can review and track products you and others like, to help give the site a better idea of what kind of samples you'll be interested in, too.

Anyway, this was just some quick news that I'm excited about and want to share! I do think this is the first I've ever heard of a beauty box subscription allowing you to pick your own samples, and I'm keen to see how this works out! It does seem to be a great deal for subscribers (for $25 a month, you get 6 samples of your choice, and you to pick more samples if you subscribe for 3 months, or longer). So if you're looking for a more substantial beauty box offering, do check the Vanity Trove website out (PS - I'm also on Vanity Trove as musicalhouses, too).

(I am not affiliated with the company in anyway. However, this news was shared with me by the company.)

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