Laura Mercier Spring Look: I Had a Makeover!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Laura Mercier has launched some exciting products, which are already starting to be pushed out to stores, and the collection features colours that are both artistic yet wearable. I visited the Laura Mercier counter at Tangs Orchard recently to get a makeover, kindly done by the extremely skilled and personable Global Makeup Artist Benjamin Ruiz. And I really liked the results, so I just had to share!

Now I have to say - these photos are all unretouched, except for lighting (indoors photography, gah!). And I'm telling you guys this because I happen to have some crazy acne going on right now, like the HOLY MOLY HUGE BOILS type of acne (don't ask me why I'm still having acne in my twenties!), but Benjamin was an absolute pro and managed to totally cover all my acne. And he didn't use a lot of product to acheive it, either. The one thing I hate when it comes to covering pimples is caking up product on your skin to cover a pimple - I'd much rather have my pimples be visible and my skin look more natural, rather than have an inch of foundation and concealer everyone can see. But Benjamin was an absolute pro at priming and prepping my skin and covering up those pimples. He used the Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer, Secret Concealer, and Silk Creme Foundation in that order, to cover up the pimples on my face.

laura mercier event 2

After that it was time for the face! On the eyes he used a range of products. He started with the Eye Basics in Wheat to brighten up my eyelid, and then used the Caviar Stick in Grey Pearl as a lid wash. Then, he contoured and highlighted using three shades from the Arabesque Palette, namely Bare Yoga, Satin Ribbon, and Soft Cloud (only on the inner corner). The entire look was lined with the Creme Eye Liner in Violet. All these products, except for the Eye Basics, are new for Spring, and they are indeed very lovely. The photo below is the most colour-accurate photo I could get out of the entire event, and you can see that the shades on my eyes are really pretty - they are great neutrals for everyday use that can still be amped up for a little drama at night. And they are versatile shades that go well with a variety of skintones, too. I really loved the eye makeup!

laura mercier event 3

For cheeks, he used the Illuminating Pink Quad, and for lips it was also two new products for Spring, the Arabesque Lip Colour, as well as the Bare Pink Lip Glace. Obviously Benjamin is a really skilled makeup artist. He was also really kind, allowing me to hold up a mirror to watch his application while he did it. He also shared a few tips, particularly on picking products for skin that needs a lot of covering up, like mine - the trick is to look for pigment products that still feel weightless on the skin. In this case, the Silk Creme Foundation was a pretty good match for my skin. He also stressed the importance of primer - he called it "priming for success", which I thought was pretty neat.

laura mercier event end

Here it the same look agin sometime later, when I was doing my own window-shopping. As you can see, the overall effect is very pretty, very subtle, and totally work appropriate - a very fresh and natural look that doesn't scream "I'm wearing makeup". This is definitely a very wearable classic look that I would revisit time and again.

laura mercier event look

Below is the face chart of the colour products, kindly provided for me by the PR people. If you're too lazy to read my entire blogpost again, but want to recreate the look for yourself, here it is!

laura mercier face chart

I'll be swatching some more of the Laura Mercier products and putting them up on my blog soon - if you've been reading my blog for awhile you'll know I simply can't go to an event and leave without swatching something, and this time, I'm proud to say I didn't disappoint you guys! I have to hand it to the counter girls and the PR folk for being so patient with me; I was totally making a nuisance of myself wanting to swatch everything in sight! Some of these products are from the new Spring lines scheduled to hit counters soon, so I'm definitely excited to put them up for you guys!

(Opinions are my own, product information is provided by the company. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. Nice! I really like that we can see both of your eyes, because I feel like when you usually do a FOTD you only show one eye. I like to see how the makeup looks on a whole face, if the eyes look balanced or does it look like "too much".

  2. You look great! I like that we can see your whole face- often when people do a FOTD they only show one eye, and I like to see if the whole face is balanced and how the eye makeup works on both eyes. I always worry it will look too heavy.

  3. Great makeover! Whenever I get makeovers done, I don't like the result but yours is gorgeous!


  4. Hey sweetie, must have been fun been made ov by an expert, I would have been so nervous. Babe your pimples cannot compare with mine :( they are huge an hideous. I really love the makeover, it looks soft and sweet on you. I love the caviar sticks but don't have pearl grey so I can't wait to see your swatches.

  5. You look beautiful, and the colours they chose really compliment you. Cheers!

  6. WOW!!! i'm with u on leaving my zits slightly visible as opposed to caking up.. but gosh, he made you look FLAWLESS!!! Loved that eye makeup!!

  7. I'm with you on preferring to leave my zits semi-visible than having it cake up... but WOW!! he managed to make you look FLAWLESS!!! I loved that eye makeup too!!


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