Viva La Nails Black Friday Sale!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Hey guys, a quick PSA, Viva La Nails is having a Black Friday Sale! Better still, it applies to EVERYTHING on their site!

Use this coupon code BLACK for a 25% discount on anything in the shop!

This is valid for the whole of this weekend ( 23/11/12 - 25/11/12) only, so if you're interested, get cracking at Viva La Nails!


  1. Hi, I just discovered your blog through your awesome posts about makeup for Asian eyes.

    Just wondering, I get the impression from what I've read elsewhere that buying nail polish from overseas sites to be shipped into Singapore can be a problem because nail polish is subject to certain restrictions. Have you encountered any problems with that?

    1. @Michelle: You're right, there are sites that don't ship overseas (e.g. ASOS doesn't ship nail polish outside of the US), but some others do. This is because nail polish is sometimes classed as a hazardous substance that requires special handling (I know, I know...). Usually I ship to friends located in the country, and they in turn ship it to me over here. It can be a pain to pay for postage twice, but I think it's worth it if it's a sale or you really want the item. Hope this helps!

    2. Thanks, that does help! So if I understand you right, the problem is more that the vendor will refuse to ship it to Singapore, rather than that it will accept your order, ship the polish over, and then the package gets blocked by our customs? I wasn't sure if it was an issue regarding air shipping of polish, or an issue regarding import restrictions into Singapore.

    3. @Michelle: Yes, if it's an online shop (e.g. ASOS, etc), if you order nail polish and attempt to ship it overseas, they will not allow you to do that. Usually this will show up during the online checkout process (e.g. You won't find your country in the drop down list). But if they do mail it over, then it should clear customs just fine. As far as I know I don't think we have any special restrictions on nail polish. So in short, yes it's more an issue on air shipping, not our customs.


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