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Monday, January 16, 2012

Apparently Nail Pro Magazine has an iPhone app that allows you to read a whole year's worth of magazines in full, just as they appear in the print version! This is by far the best iPhone app for a nail polish fanatic like me - far, far better than Angry Birds! And the best part? The app is free! Woohoo!

To download this app, just search for "Nailpro Magazine" in the App Store. Viola, a year's worth of backissues of Nail Pro Magazine, at your fingertips!

There are two main databases, the Library and the Catalogue. The issues you want to read have to be downloaded from the Catalogue to the Library. This takes a while, and is probably beset done with a broadband connection.

nailpro iphone app screen 4

The amazing thing about this app is that you can view the magazine as it appears in the print version, only that instead of flipping pages, you swipe left and right to move from one page to the next. The magazine consists of mainly the trends of the season, as well as nail art techniques.

nailpro iphone app screen 8

What struck me as interesting in the app is the articles from the nail technician's (or salon owner's ) point of view. There are articles on offering hand massages and glitter tattoos to complement the manicure service, handling customers, as well as the more financial aspects of running a business. If you're not inn the biz like me, it makes for interesting reading from the other perspective.

nailpro iphone app screen 9

Other than the one page view, you can also view the pages as icons on your screen. Tapping on the icon brings you to the full page.

nailpro iphone app screen 10

You can also browse by sections. Helpful if you just want to zoom in on a particular article or feature.

nailpro iphone app screen 11

There's also an all-text view, although I find this boring, since I really just want to look at pretty picutres. But it's useful for reading articles.

nailpro iphone app screeen 12

Anyway, I've been pretty hooked to this app lately, I've read every single back issue, and there's just so much content in there! I'm pretty excited that I discovered this app, it's my new app of the moment. Has anyone else discovered this app yet?


  1. Thanks for sharing, this app looks great! And it also works with the iPad :)
    Do you have other nail related apps to share ?

    1. @Gwenn V: Yes I'm actually in the process of blogging about other nail art apps I've discovered! It'll take a while, so check back every now and then for more apps! I've previously blogged about another nail art app I found here:

      Hope this helps!

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I already downloaded it!

  3. Cool! Downloading as I type. Thank you for sharing that!


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