Gold and Green Christmas Eye Look: Bling on the Holidays!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Since it's Christmas season, I figure should use the opportunity to try out colours on my eyes that I normally wouldn't wear - in this case, the Christmassy colours of gold and green! And of course, since it's the holiday season, I also made it glittery and blingy, just for good measure. I mean, why not?

For this look, I used two Evil Shades eyeshadows, Morning Star and Dryad. Evil Shades is an indie brand run by Andrea, who, by the way also runs the blog Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss. I know the blog name makes her sound like a total punk, but she's also one of the nicest people I've come across in the blogosphere. I've actually swatched Morning Star before and done an EOTD with Morning Star, and I've also reviewed Dryad before. But I've never used the two together yet, and since they fit nicely into the green-and-gold look I was going for, why not? You can visit those links for more on the individual shadows, but here's a shot of both of them together.

gold green christmas eye look evil shades morning star dryad

For this look, I used Morning Star on the inner half of my lid, and Dryad in the outer half and in the contour area, and then just blended the two. The look was simple enough, the hard part was really blending the two together, without having the chunky glitter from Morning Star fall all over. Okay, if I had used a primer, it would have helped. But I didn't. I was lazy. I just patted them over a concealer base, and then complained about how blending was difficult. LOL. (If you haven't realized by now, I'm really kinda lazy when it comes to eye primers. I think it's because in real life I don't wear that much eye makeup in real life, working in an office environment and all.)

gold green christmas eye look 1

Morning Star has big chunky bits of glitter that really add that level of glitz to the eye look. I typically hate chunky glitter, but Morning Star is interesting - the glitter in the eyeshadow really catches the light and sparkles in a very stunning way. Almost like a star! Dryad doesn't have big glitter, so there's less fallout, but it doesn't mean the shade is any less interesting. Dryad has a metallic sheen to it, and is a gorgeous shade of forest green with a lovely finish. I quite like the way the entire eye looks - the combination of two different finishes and glitter types really addes some textural interest.

gold green christmas eye look 2

Anyway, Dryad is still available on the Evil Shades website, if anyone's interested, although Morning Star isn't available anymore. I'm not sure how I would pair this look. I'd go for a nude blush, but I can't quite decide whether I should pair it with Christmas-classic red lips, or whether I should go nude for the lips as well. Anyone wants to help me decide on which is better?

(Products were sent for review - in this case, really means "given to me because Andrea is an awesome friend". Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. Oh, these are really pretty together! I might would go with a red lip if you were off to something festive, but a nude lip if you were just doing a normal thing. Morning Star just looks so festive!

  2. oh my.. this looks so beautiful! The color combination is awesome... I like how well you blended them in the middle! it looks a third color!

  3. Wow beautiful and shimmery!! :) I love how the green blends with the gold... great combo of colours!

  4. Eee! You really did this well, it's not costumey just festive.

  5. so shimmering, love it, i have dark eyes to, have to try it on me
    follow me...

  6. I love these colors together. I plan on wearing a green lace dress on Christmas day and this would go perfectly! X


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