I Actually Exercised! Zumba Workshop + Bioessence Weight Loss Cream Event

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

You know I'm a lazy girl - I don't really eat healthy, and I don't exercise. I think the last time I exercised was, um, in January. So I found it vaguely amusing that I should attend, of all things, an event featuring a weight loss cream and a zumba workshop.

Bio-essence is a Singapore-based facial and bodycare brand that is sold regionally. Their latest product offering, the Inchloss Body Cream Extra Strength is rides on their already popular Inchloss line of weight loss body products, including the best-selling Inchloss Body Cream.

You know me, and you know I can't help but be a bit skeptical about being able to losing inches with a cream. To be fair, though, the company doesn't claim that the creams will lose weight, but that they will tone and firm the skin, and heat up the areas the cream is applied to in order to stimulate metabolism of the fats in that area. The net result is that the body gets the appearance of being more slender. I'll have to try it to believe it, but for those who are interested in products like these, here's a little more about the line. The current line consists of the Inchloss Shower Scrub, which is mean tto be used in the shower before application of the body cream, the Inchloss Body Cream (their current bestseller), and the Incloss Bust Firming Boosting Cream (yes, like, for your special ladyparts!). The latest addition, the Inchloss Body Cream Extra Strength, is essentially a re-working of the Body Cream, to make it more efficacious. So it should please all the current fans of the Inchloss line.

Here's a product shot:

Bioessence Inchloss Body Cream Extra Strength

And here's a shot of the entire range of products (sans bust cream):

Bioessence inchloss range

Anyway, I'll be trying out the Bio-essence Inchloss Body Cream Extra Strength for the whole of this week, along with the Inchloss Shower Scrub, and I'll be able to let you know if my skepticism is warranted or not! :P To be fair though, Bio-essence does stress that you also need to manage your diet, exercise, etc, etc to see any results with the creams. I mean, it does make sense, right?

Speaking of exercise, I moved that lazy butt of mine. Finally! After almost 6 months! Along with the body cream event, there was a Zumba Toning Dance Workshop. I've never heard of Zumba before the workshop, so I was curious to find out more. Basically, it's a dance fitness programme, where you do lots of dance-like exercise actions (squats, playing around with weights, steps, and so on), all synchronized to Latin music. To me, whose idea of working out is running on a treadmill, that's pretty cool. It's like getting your groove on while working out!

The Zumba workshop was held at California Fitness, which despite the "California" name is actually a Hong Kong based chain of gyms. They had nicely-maintained facilities, and the room we had our Zumba workshop in had nice glass window walls.

california fitness room 2

Now this one will really help you shed the pounds. My entire body was sore the next day after just a half-hour session!

california fitness room 1

Anyway, between the exercise and the body cream, I have to admit, although I know the exercise is the proven way to go, I'm still really really curious about the body cream, because I'm just that lazy. So I'll be reporting back soon after I've tried out the body cream, and hopefully I'll get to say it worked for me!

(Product was sent for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. My friend is making me go with her to a zumba class next week and I scared as I have no sense of coordination whatsoever! xx

  2. Could it really be that easy? If so I am drinking tubes of this stuff! Lol, I'm a skeptic like yourself but please let me know if you see any other results! x

  3. zumba sounds fun. im so lazy to work out too, i just control what i eat and hope that it's enough lol

  4. hmmm great work...:)

    i joined many times my local workout places and after 2-3 months i have A reason to stop myself ;-)



  5. I need to get fit too, I had a work out yesterday and am now paying for it today!

    I'm a bit skeptical about weight loss lotions though..

    Great post.




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